Generations, waves and epochs of Lojbanists

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Old Timers and Aborigines

The Founders

Old Growth

Loglanists. Bob LeChevalier, Nora LeChevalier, Jeff Prothero, pc, Colin Fine, Jim Carter

The Vorta


Late '80s, recruited through Sci-fi cons. Athelstan, Keith Lynch


Early '90s, recruited through constructed language afficionadodom. Substantial overlap with 'Jimbobs' (see Jimbob mythos). Nick Nicholas, Mark Shoulson, Ivan Derzhanski, And Rosta, John Cowan, Michael Helsem (see below)

  • And Rosta:
    Michael's different, because he became a Lojbanist earlier but joined the list later; thus for some years one did not know him but knew of him, as Lojban's foremost poet but living in offnet obscurity.


Always present, but somewhat more prominent in the late '90s? Recruited through computer science interest (though not necessarily primarily so). John Cowan, la xod, Eye/Onus, Skorgu.

  • Others reticent to call themselves that in public. Others not so reticent? :-)


New Growth Lojbanists

Substantial overlap with Geeks? Mebbe, mebbe not.

Fancy Generation Lojbanists


  • Pigeon-holes are silly, but there are certain clusterings which may explain certain attitudes and positions. There are lots of Lojbanists which I have no idea where they fit. John Cowan, for instance (resolved), or Goran Topic. Not to mention any of the New Growth Lojbanists...
  • xod:
    Sounds like too many classes. I notice only two groups: the revolutionaries and the new schoolers. Very loosely, the revolutionaries are the Loglaners that split and created Lojban, and the new school are gen-x geeks that came in after the language was solidified. do'acai
  • nitcion:
    There are 'tweeners that took part in the solidification ('91-'97); I suspect xorxes and I the only one still around to any extent, though...
    • xorxes:
      ki'e doi nitcion, I was starting to feel left out, as I didn't fit in any of the categories. What about la maikl and la and. mi'e xorxes, proud 'tweener and solidifier.
    • nitcion:
      la maikl. I think is sui generis :-) (I was wondering this myself.) And probably is more of a 'tweener than anything else (confirmed). Perhaps he's the 'tweener equivalent of pc? :-)
      • la maikl:
        M.H. joined around 1989 after reading a review of ju'i lobypli in "Factsheet Five". Inactive during much of the Nineties. Except for the timeframe, the "conlanger" category seems to fit.
      • Michael seems like a nice guy, though. Yup, that's what I meant by sui generis! so whats with the comparison to pc, then?
        • Cause neither can be understood? Oh, Lordy. This is not the first time this has happened. In "And Rosta probably is more of a 'tweener than anything else", And = And Rosta! And I'm comparing And to pc because of their formal bias, though of course And is more formal than pc...
          • pc:
            Gee, I think I resent that. I also like to think of myself as the memory and conscience of the group, hewing closely to the original ideas (ideals?) of Loglan and mentioning when things go too far astray (in my opinion, of course).
  • This word growth makes me think you're discussing forests. Campaign to save the old growth Lojbanists from the timber industry.
  • nitcion:
    Yeah. I kinda like that. :-)