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= fundamentalists?

  • nitcion:
    • Please explain the cultural reference before I decide whether I'm offended or not. :-)
  • One of Earth's leading Klingonists, and he doesn't watch DS9? I'd stick an url in here, but can't find a decent one right now. Anyway, it would be offensive were it not said in jest. The Vorta are the servile clones created by the Founders.
    • nitcion:
      • .i seni'ibo mi ba'e jgira lenu mi nalsevzi tugni le le jicmygau ku se xusra
      • Australian TV didn't show late DS9, and I'd weaned myself off TV anyway, so guilty as charged...
  • Possibly derived from valralte ("word-retain") - those who wish to preserve the Word of the Founder...
    • Sorry, "Founder" sounds too much like the Scientologists' appellation for L. Ron Hubbard.