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aka eyeonus and Eye/Onus.

I'm a stubborn geek. I've been around since about 2000, mostly as a lurker, and an active, sometimes very vocal member of the Lojban community since 2009. I created the Lojban lessons, which have since been ported to Anki after became a paid-only service, with the help of Robin and Oren. I became a member of the BPFK by Robin's decree in April of 2010, along with lindar and some few others.

I am a huge proponent of Dot Side orthography, using lujvo in preference to fu'ivla if at all possible, and the development of specifically Lojbanic culture.

I personally tend to leave as much as possible up to context in my Lojban, eliding anything that won't invite unavoidable confusion in order to shorten my utterances as much as feasible. This is a personal foible, however, not any kind of official stance like Dot Side, so you won't hear me arguing that everyone else should do it too.

My personal reasons for joining jbogugde are that, being a geek, specifically a computer geek, even more specifically a computer programmer, I am profoundly interested firstly in the idea of a fully realized logical language, and secondly in a computer--human interlingua, the first of which Lojban is, and the second of which is a main goal of the language. My gravitation into it's orbit seems to me to be rather inevitable.