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Nalgol is the language by Jim Carter aiming "to improve a minor point in Loglan" by totally redoing a mass of major design features.

Nalgol was a part of the following evolution: Loglan > Nalgol > Djimbraon > -gzn !gvr > gua\spi.

Original idea of Nalgol was to use a special "vocative particle + selbri" construct later adopted in Lojban, which the Founders sometimes called a "Carter vocative".

Also Nalgol eliminated the difference between brivla and rafsi which entailed the elimination of the difference between non-metaphoric tanru and lujvo.

As a phenomenon in conlangs

Lojbanists didn't have occasion to mention this typical constructed language phenomenon in Lojban much since the base-lining (and before it was part of the process). However, recently there seems to have been a spate of ever more aggressive cases which now seem to call the word back into use in generic sense as a way to redo the sounding of most words in the lexicon.