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  • bobgrif:
    I have been trying to put together a small practical list of words and phrases based on the booklets given US soldiers in WWII. I am using the word-lists and phrase-lists from the Malay and Cantonese booklets as my source. I hope (Insha'allah) to be finished (alpha version 1.0) within the next few months (can only work on it sporadically). When I'm finished, I intend to send J Carter a copy for response/correction. If there's anyone else here who would like a preliminary copy, please email me (
  • John Cowan:
    I got into Lojban from -gua!spi, probably the only person who ever has.
  • And Rosta:
    I can't quite claim the same, but I think I ftp-ed info on Loglan and 'gua!spi from Mark Shoulson's old Planned Language Server before I knew of Lojban.
  • Plastic Raven:
    mi krici le du'u le ti bangu cu nandu .i lonu bacru lo tonga kei pe la guaspis. nandu .i la guaspis. vasru xa tonga