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aka PLS, a now-defunct pioneering ftp site of conlang materials maintained by Mark Shoulson. Lojban-list formerly ran from Columbia too in its pre onelist (> egroups > yahoogroups) phase.

  • .mark.:
    • Jerry Altzman and I put together the PLS, sort of an ftp-by-email server at one of the machines at Columbia University (where we were going to school). We collected all the conlang material we could find to make available. I don't know if there was public ftp, but instead you could request a file which would be mailed to you (handy for people who didn't have ftp access, which wasn't completely universal then). Jerry also arranged to have the Lojban Mailing List hosted at Columbia for a while, even after we left (though eventually they kicked us off, and we couldn't save it).