zo'ei la'e "lu ju'i lobypli li'u"

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ju'i lobypli (literally meaning "Attention, Lojban-users!", also known as JL) was a Lojban quarterly journal published by The Logical Language Group; 18 issues appeared between July 1986 (as Me la Uacintyn Loglytuan, the Washington D.C. Loglan journal) and June 1993.

Initially published by Bob LeChevalier in July 1986 as "me la uacintyn loglytuan", a newsletter serving a Washington D.C. Loglan special interest group (SIG), it assumed a broader mandate in 1987 and was renamed "hoi loglypli" in 1987. In February 1988, with the publication of issue number 4, it was renamed "ju'i lobypli". Like "hoi loglypli", this meant "hey, loglan user", but it used a new public domain vocabulary owing to copyright claims pressed by The Loglan Institute.

Starting with the publication of issue number 4, the name "Lojban" (which had been previously introduced at LogFest 4 on August 1, 1987) was used to refer to a language which was also described as "the publication version of Loglan", "the/a Realization of Loglan", "Public Domain Loglan" and "the completed version of Loglan".

15 issues appeared between February 1988 and June 1993.

Three formatted versions are currently available. Unformatted versions are available at the web site. Someone wiki-formatting the others would be doing the world a great favour. Warning: Most of them have running unseparated columns (resulting from the original .txt files; it won't be straightforward.

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