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Alphabetical order with definitions: English, Spanish, Japanese, Esperanto, all languages on the jbovlaste, some languages on the jbovlaste

gismu - root verbs

Note: Format of gismu lists (en)

See also: gismu at Wiktionary (en)

cmavo - particles

lujvo - compound verbs

Can't find a lujvo in the above lists? You can guess its meaning from its component rafsi using this list


Reference documents to help memorize different aspects of Lojban.

The aim of these documents is not to explain each concept in details but, rather, to provide a quick way to recollect memories about lojban concepts.

IRC cheat sheet

General concepts

  • Lojban grammar words. A mind map of lojban words commonly used when discussing about lojban grammar. It can be handy when you get confused about all those lojban-specific concepts that are described with lojban words (bridi, seltau, ...) PNG, PNG (hi-res), source (Tony Buzan's iMandMap)
  • UI and BAI: Attitudinals, Evidentials, Discursives, and Modals. a printable cheat sheet

particles (cmavo)

Word frequency lists

Word lists sorted by usage.

Main lists

How to generate lists yourself

Older stuff

  • Older word frequencies can be found here
  • This is a sorted list of "sentence templates" excerpted from IRC. It shows which sequences of selma'o/word types are most common.

Robin Lee Powell's lists

gismu and cmavo frequency ordered word list, based on Lojban IRC, Alice, and a few other large texts. There is also a large selection of intermediary files, including pure frequency lists.

How to say it in Lojban

Lists sorted by topic or devoted to particular situations.