semantic classes of verbs

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gismu concept klesi 1 klesi 2 klesi 3 klesi 4 klesi 5
manri reference Actions Contexts

tcini situation Actions Contexts
vanbi environment Actions Contexts
bapli force Actions Event causation
frati react Actions Event causation
jalge result Actions Event causation
krinu reason Actions Event causation
mukti motive Actions Event causation
rinka cause Actions Event causation
ralci delicate Actions Event causation
rinju restrain Actions Event causation
randa yield Actions Event causation
krasi source Actions Event causation
jarco show Actions Event changes Manifestation
basti replace Actions Event changes
cenba vary Actions Event changes
binxo become Actions Event changes
canci vanish Actions Event changes
galfi modify Actions Event changes
stali remain Actions Event changes
stika adjust Actions Event changes
stodi constant Actions Event changes
vitno permanent Actions Event changes
zasni temporary Actions Event changes
citri history Actions Event contours Fate
cfari initiate Actions Event contours
ranji continue Actions Event contours
denpa wait Actions Event contours
krefu recur Actions Event contours
cafne often Actions Event contours
cumki possible Actions Event contours
dicra interrupt Actions Event contours
dikni regular Actions Event contours
fanmo end Actions Event contours
fasnu event Actions Event contours
mulno complete Actions Event contours
pruce process Actions Event contours
rapli repeat Actions Event contours
renvi survive Actions Event contours
sisti cease Actions Event contours
snada succeed Actions Event contours
suksa sudden Actions Event contours
vitci irregular Actions Event contours
cnino new Actions Event contours
fliba fail Actions Event contours
fatne reverse Actions General comparisons
bancu beyond Actions General comparisons
drata other Actions General comparisons
dukti opposite Actions General comparisons
dunli equal Actions General comparisons
frica differ Actions General comparisons
karbi compare Actions General comparisons
mintu same Actions General comparisons
mleca less Actions General comparisons
panra parallel Actions General comparisons
simsa similar Actions General comparisons
traji superlative Actions General comparisons
zmadu more Actions General comparisons
cerda heir Actions General relation
sarxe harmonious Actions General relation Attitude
simxu mutual Actions General relation Attitude
srana pertain Actions General relation Attitude
pagre pass through Actions Movement General Properties
rinci drain Actions Movement Universe Materials & substances
farlu fall Actions Movement
klama come Actions Movement
muvdu move Actions Movement
carna turn Actions Movement
bajra run Actions Movement
benji transfer Actions Movement
bevri carry Actions Movement
cadzu walk Actions Movement
cando idle Actions Movement
catke shove Actions Movement
cliva leave Actions Movement
cpare climb Actions Movement
flecu flow Actions Movement
fulta float Actions Movement
gunro roll Actions Movement
jabre brake Actions Movement
jersi chase Actions Movement
jmaji gather Actions Movement
lacpu pull Actions Movement
lafti lift Actions Movement
limna swim Actions Movement
litru travel Actions Movement
plipe leap Actions Movement
punji put Actions Movement
renro throw Actions Movement
sakli slide Actions Movement
sfubu dive Actions Movement
stapa step Actions Movement
vofli flight Actions Movement
xruti return Actions Movement
jicla stir Actions Movement
jinru immerse Actions Movement
batci bite Actions Physical matter
bikla whip Actions Physical matter
catra kill Actions Physical matter
cpacu get Actions Physical matter
danre pressure Actions Physical matter
darxi hit Actions Physical matter
gunta attack Actions Physical matter
jgari grasp Actions Physical matter
jinsa clean Actions Physical matter
lasna fasten Actions Physical matter
lumci wash Actions Physical matter
mosra friction Actions Physical matter
sakci suck Actions Physical matter
satre stroke Actions Physical matter
tikpa kick Actions Physical matter
tunta poke Actions Physical matter
janli collide Actions Physical matter
cokcu soak up Actions Physical matter
tcena stretch Actions Physical transformations Universe General
porpi break Actions Physical transformations
febvi boil Actions Physical transformations
katna cut Actions Physical transformations
runta dissolve Actions Physical transformations
preja spread Actions Physical transformations
spoja explode Actions Physical transformations
fukpi copy Actions Physical transformations
runme melt Actions Physical transformations
sraku scratch Actions Physical transformations
cikre repair Actions Physical transformations
daspo destroy Actions Physical transformations
dunja freeze Actions Physical transformations
fendi divide Actions Physical transformations
jmina add Actions Physical transformations
kakpa dig Actions Physical transformations
lunsa condense Actions Physical transformations
marxa mash Actions Physical transformations
mixre mixture Actions Physical transformations
polje fold Actions Physical transformations
setca insert Actions Physical transformations
torni twist Actions Physical transformations
vimcu remove Actions Physical transformations
zalvi grind Actions Physical transformations
spali polish Actions Physical transformations
guska scrape Actions Physical transformations
cirko lose Actions Possession interactions
dejni owe Actions Possession interactions
dunda give Actions Possession interactions
jbera borrow Actions Possession interactions
kavbu capture Actions Possession interactions
lebna take Actions Possession interactions
ponse possess Actions Possession interactions
ralte retain Actions Possession interactions
sabji provide Actions Possession interactions
kakne able Actions Potential
vlipa powerful Actions Potential
tsali strong Actions Potential
ruble weak Actions Potential
vlile violent Actions Potential
snura secure Actions Safety
bandu defend Actions Safety
ckape peril Actions Safety
kajde warn Actions Safety
marbi shelter Actions Safety
zifre free Actions Volitional actions
gasnu do Actions Volitional actions
zukte act Actions Volitional actions
selfu serve Actions Volitional actions
binra insure Actions Volitional interactions
kurji take care of Actions Volitional interactions
sidju help Actions Volitional interactions
troci try Actions Volitional interactions
rivbi avoid Actions Volitional relation
xlura influence Actions Volitional relation
zunti interfere Actions Volitional relation
rirci rare Actions Event contours
zasti exist Actions General relation
ckini related Actions General relation
krati represent Actions General relation
lanxe balance Actions General relation
minra reflect Actions General relation
sevzi self Actions General relation
sutra fast Actions Movement
masno slow Actions Movement
pilno use Actions Volitional actions
snuti accidental Actions Volitional actions
curmi let Actions Volitional interactions
raktu trouble Actions Volitional interactions
sarji support Actions Volitional interactions
fanta prevent Actions Volitional relation
jatna captain Actions of volition Links
sazri operate Actions of volition Links
javni rule Actions of volition
jitro control Actions of volition
vipsi deputy Actions of volition
gidva guide Actions of volition
desku shake Actions Movement
slilu oscillate Actions Movement
ctaru tide Actions Movement
jetce jet Actions Physical transformations
dirce radiate Actions Physical transformations
fatri distribute Actions Physical transformations
dimna fate Fate Actions Event contours
funca luck Fate Actions Event contours
vasru contain General Containers
kunti empty General Containers
culno full General Containers
bakfu bundle General Containers
sorcu store General Containers
tisna fill General Containers
baktu bucket General Containers (material)
botpi bottle General Containers (material)
dacru drawer General Containers (material)
dakli sack General Containers (material)
kabri cup General Containers (material)
lanka basket General Containers (material)
lante can General Containers (material)
palne tray General Containers (material)
palta plate General Containers (material)
patxu pot General Containers (material)
tansi pan General Containers (material)
tanxe box General Containers (material)
bakfu bundle General Groups & parts
bende crew General Groups & parts
cecmu community General Groups & parts
cmima member General Groups & parts
girzu group General Groups & parts
gunma jointly General Groups & parts
kamni committee General Groups & parts
klesi class General Groups & parts
liste list General Groups & parts
pagbu part General Groups & parts
porsi sequence General Groups & parts
spisa piece General Groups & parts
vrici miscellaneous General Groups & parts
steci specific General Groups & parts
lidne precede General Groups & parts
mupli example General Groups & parts
banro grow General Growth development & age
citno young General Growth development & age
farvi develop General Growth development & age
laldo old General Growth development & age
makcu mature General Growth development & age
pencu touch General Location & direction Actions Physical matter
zvati at General Location & direction
gapru above General Location & direction
jbini between General Location & direction
jorne joined General Location & direction
cpana upon General Location & direction
nenri in General Location & direction
bartu out General Location & direction
berti north General Location & direction
cnita beneath General Location & direction
crane front General Location & direction
darno far General Location & direction
diklo local General Location & direction
dizlo low General Location & direction
farna direction General Location & direction
galtu high General Location & direction
jibni near General Location & direction
lamji adjacent General Location & direction
midju middle General Location & direction
mlana side General Location & direction
mokca point General Location & direction
pritu right General Location & direction
ragve across General Location & direction
snanu south General Location & direction
sruri surround General Location & direction
stici west General Location & direction
stuna east General Location & direction
stuzi site General Location & direction
trixe behind General Location & direction
zunle left General Location & direction
dandu hang General Location & direction
sanli stand General Location & direction
sraji vertical General Location & direction
vreta reclining General Location & direction
zutse sit General Location & direction
pinta level General Location & direction
gubni public General Location & direction
mipri secret General Location & direction
sivni private General Location & direction
cfila flaw General Organization

ciste system General Organization
cnici orderly General Organization
cunso random General Organization
ganzu organize General Organization
jinzi innate General Organization
kalsa chaotic General Organization
pluja complicated General Organization
prane perfect General Organization
sampu simple General Organization
spofu broken General Organization
stura structure General Organization
mapti fit General Organization
tcila detail General Organization
tcana station General Organization
carmi intense General Properties
ckaji quality General Properties
cnano norm General Properties
fadni ordinary General Properties
kampu common General Properties
kandi dim General Properties
manfo uniform General Properties
milxe mild General Properties
klina clear General Properties
nivji knit General Shapes Actions Physical transformations
fenso sew General Shapes Actions Physical transformations
jivbu weave General Shapes Actions Physical transformations
pilka crust General Shapes Living External anatomy
lunbe bare General Shapes Socio Clothes
panlo slice General Shapes
korcu bent General Shapes
bargu arch General Shapes
barna mark General Shapes
bidju bead General Shapes
bliku block General Shapes
bolci ball General Shapes
boxfo sheet General Shapes
boxna wave General Shapes
calku shell General Shapes
cfine wedge General Shapes
cilta thread General Shapes
cinje wrinkle General Shapes
clupa loop General Shapes
cukla round General Shapes
danmo smoke General Shapes
dasri ribbon General Shapes
djine ring General Shapes
fenra crack General Shapes
foldi field General Shapes
genxu hook General Shapes
grana rod General Shapes
jesni needle General Shapes
jgena knot General Shapes
kevna cavity General Shapes
kinli sharp General Shapes
kojna corner General Shapes
konju cone General Shapes
korbi edge General Shapes
kruca intersect General Shapes
kruvi curve General Shapes
morna pattern General Shapes
salpo slope General Shapes
sarlu spiral General Shapes
sefta surface General Shapes
selci cell General Shapes
senta layer General Shapes
sirji straight General Shapes
skuro groove General Shapes
slanu cylinder General Shapes
tanbo board General Shapes
tapla tile General Shapes
tarmi shape General Shapes
tubnu tube General Shapes
greku frame General Shapes
gacri cover General Shapes
punli swelling General Shapes
ganlo closed General Shapes
kalri open General Shapes
kluza loose General Shapes
dirgo drop General Shapes
derxi heap General Shapes
stela lock General Shapes
karda card General Shapes
jipno tip General Shapes
rufsu rough General Shapes Texture
snipa sticky General Shapes Texture
tengu texture General Shapes Texture
xutla smooth General Shapes Texture
sepli apart General Location & direction
nutli neutral General Location & direction
curve pure General Organization
bemro North American Geography Continents
dzipo Antarctican Geography Continents
friko African Geography Continents
ketco South American Geography Continents
ropno European Geography Continents
sralo Australian Geography Continents
xazdo Asiatic Geography Continents
jinto well Geography Geology Actions Event causation
panka park Geography Geology Socio Government, law & territory
cmana mountain Geography Geology
daplu island Geography Geology
lalxu lake Geography Geology
rirxe river Geography Geology
tumla land Geography Geology
xamsi sea Geography Geology
zbani bay Geography Geology
jmifa shoal Geography Geology
bratu hail Geography Weather
brife breeze Geography Weather
bumru fog Geography Weather
carvi rain Geography Weather
dilnu cloud Geography Weather
lindi lightning Geography Weather
snime snow Geography Weather
tcima weather Geography Weather
vifne fresh Growth development & age Actions Event contours
fusra rotten Growth development & age Actions Event contours
judri address Links Manifestation
ralju principal Links
curnu worm Living Animals
danlu animal Living Animals
bifce bee Living Arthropods
cinki insect Living Arthropods
civla louse Living Arthropods
jalra cockroach Living Arthropods
jukni spider Living Arthropods
manti ant Living Arthropods
sfani fly Living Arthropods
toldi butterfly Living Arthropods
cipni bird Living Birds
datka duck Living Birds
gunse goose Living Birds
jipci chicken Living Birds
korvo crow Living Birds
xruki turkey Living Birds
klaku weep Living Bodily functions Psycho Emotion
cikna awake Living Bodily functions
cinse sexual Living Bodily functions
fetsi female Living Bodily functions
gletu copulate Living Bodily functions
jbena born Living Bodily functions
kafke cough Living Bodily functions
kalci feces Living Bodily functions
nakni male Living Bodily functions
pinca urine Living Bodily functions
rorci procreate Living Bodily functions
senci sneeze Living Bodily functions
sipna sleep Living Bodily functions
sputu spit Living Bodily functions
taske thirst Living Bodily functions
tatpi tired Living Bodily functions
tunlo swallow Living Bodily functions
vamtu vomit Living Bodily functions
vasxu breathe Living Bodily functions
vikmi excrete Living Bodily functions
xagji hunger Living Bodily functions
xasne sweat Living Bodily functions
bongu bone Living Body parts
ciblu blood Living Body parts
denci tooth Living Body parts
galxe throat Living Body parts
ganti gonad Living Body parts
ganxo anus Living Body parts
tance tongue Living Body parts
tarbi embryo Living Body parts
tatru breast Living Body parts
xedja jaw Living Body parts
balji bulb Living Botanical anatomy
genja root Living Botanical anatomy
jimca branch Living Botanical anatomy
pezli leaf Living Botanical anatomy
stani stalk Living Botanical anatomy
cange farm Living Cultivation
crepu harvest Living Cultivation
plixa plow Living Cultivation
purdi garden Living Cultivation
sombo sow Living Cultivation
birje beer Living Drinks
ckafi coffee Living Drinks
jikru liquor Living Drinks
jisra juice Living Drinks
ladru milk Living Drinks
sodva soda Living Drinks
tcati tea Living Drinks
vanju wine Living Drinks
xalka alcohol Living Drinks
betfu abdomen Living External anatomy
birka arm Living External anatomy
cidni knee Living External anatomy
cnebo neck Living External anatomy
ctebi lip Living External anatomy
cutne chest Living External anatomy
degji finger Living External anatomy
flira face Living External anatomy
jamfu foot Living External anatomy
janco shoulder Living External anatomy
kanla eye Living External anatomy
kerfa hair Living External anatomy
kerlo ear Living External anatomy
mebri brow Living External anatomy
moklu mouth Living External anatomy
nazbi nose Living External anatomy
pinji penis Living External anatomy
plibu pubic Living External anatomy
skapi pelt Living External anatomy
stedu head Living External anatomy
tamji thumb Living External anatomy
tuple leg Living External anatomy
vibna vagina Living External anatomy
vlagi vulva Living External anatomy
xadni body Living External anatomy
xance hand Living External anatomy
zargu buttock Living External anatomy
panzi offsprin


Living Family Links
bersa son Living Family Links
bruna brother Living Family Links
dzena elder Living Family Links
famti aunt or uncle Living Family Links
lanzu family Living Family Links
mamta mother Living Family Links
mensi sister Living Family Links
patfu father Living Family Links
rirni parent Living Family Links
tamne cousin Living Family Links
tixnu daughter Living Family Links
tunba sibling Living Family Links
cidja food Living Food (generalised)
citka eat Living Food (generalised)
jduli jelly Living Food (generalised)
pinxe drink Living Food (generalised)
sanmi meal Living Food (generalised)
jukpa cook Living Food (generalised)
bavmi barley Living Food Grains
cunmi millet Living Food Grains
dembi bean Living Food Grains
gurni grain Living Food Grains
mavji oats Living Food Grains
maxri wheat Living Food Grains
mraji rye Living Food Grains
rismi rice Living Food Grains
sobde soya Living Food Grains
sorgu sorghum Living Food Grains
xruba buckwheat Living Food Grains
zumri maize Living Food Grains
tsapi seasoning Living Food Prepared
cakla chocolate Living Food Prepared
cirla cheese Living Food Prepared
kruji cream Living Food Prepared
matne butter Living Food Prepared
nanba bread Living Food Prepared
rectu meat Living Food Prepared
sakta sugar Living Food Prepared
salta salad Living Food Prepared
sanso sauce Living Food Prepared
sigja cigar Living Food Prepared
silna salt Living Food Prepared
snuji sandwich Living Food Prepared
stasu soup Living Food Prepared
badna banana Living Food Vegetation
figre fig Living Food Vegetation
grute fruit Living Food Vegetation
guzme melon Living Food Vegetation
jbari berry Living Food Vegetation
kobli cabbage Living Food Vegetation
kokso coconut Living Food Vegetation
narge nut Living Food Vegetation
nimre citrus Living Food Vegetation
pamga papaya Living Food Vegetation
patlu potato Living Food Vegetation
perli pear Living Food Vegetation
plise apple Living Food Vegetation
samcu cassava Living Food Vegetation
sluni onion Living Food Vegetation
smela plum Living Food Vegetation
stagi vegetable Living Food Vegetation
sunga garlic Living Food Vegetation
tamca tomato Living Food Vegetation
gumri mushroom Living Fungi
mledi mold Living Fungi
cilce wild Living General
ferti fertile Living General
jgina gene Living General
jmive live Living General
jutsi species Living General
lanbi protein Living General
morsi dead Living General
parji parasite Living General
sovda egg Living General
tsiju seed Living General
bilma ill Living Health & medicine
cagna wound Living Health & medicine
jinku vaccine Living Health & medicine
jurme germ Living Health & medicine
kanro healthy Living Health & medicine
kenra cancer Living Health & medicine
mikce doctor Living Health & medicine
vidru virus Living Health & medicine
xrani injure Living Health & medicine
besna brain Living Internal organs
canti gut Living Internal organs
cigla gland Living Internal organs
fepri lung Living Internal organs
gutra womb Living Internal organs
livga liver Living Internal organs
nirna nerve Living Internal organs
rango organ Living Internal organs
risna heart Living Internal organs
sluji muscle Living Internal organs
bakni bovine Living Mammals
cinfo lion Living Mammals
cribe bear Living Mammals
gerku dog Living Mammals
kanba goat Living Mammals
kumte camel Living Mammals
labno wolf Living Mammals
ladru milk Living Mammals
lanme sheep Living Mammals
lorxu fox Living Mammals
mabru mammal Living Mammals
mirli deer Living Mammals
mlatu cat Living Mammals
ractu rabbit Living Mammals
ratcu rat Living Mammals
remna human Living Mammals
smacu mouse Living Mammals
smani monkey Living Mammals
tirxu tiger Living Mammals
xanto elephant Living Mammals
xarju pig Living Mammals
xasli donkey Living Mammals
xirma horse Living Mammals
jgalu claw Living Non-human body parts
jirna horn Living Non-human body parts
nalci wing Living Non-human body parts
pimlu feather Living Non-human body parts
rebla tail Living Non-human body parts
sufti hoof Living Non-human body parts
cifnu infant Living People
nanla boy Living People
nanmu man Living People
ninmu woman Living People
nixli girl Living People
prenu person Living People
verba child Living People
bamju bamboo Living Plants (non-edible by default)
cindu oak Living Plants (non-edible by default)
ckunu conifer Living Plants (non-edible by default)
clika mossy Living Plants (non-edible by default)
latna lotus Living Plants (non-edible by default)
lelxe lily Living Plants (non-edible by default)
mango mango Living Plants (non-edible by default)
marna hemp Living Plants (non-edible by default)
rozgu rose Living Plants (non-edible by default)
spati plant Living Plants (non-edible by default)
srasu grass Living Plants (non-edible by default)
tanko tobacco Living Plants (non-edible by default)
tricu tree Living Plants (non-edible by default)
tujli tulip Living Plants (non-edible by default)
xrula flower Living Plants (non-edible by default)
banfi amphibian Living Vertebrates
finpe fish Living Vertebrates
respa reptile Living Vertebrates
since snake Living Vertebrates
sinxa sign Manifestation Links
sitna cite Manifestation Links
jdika decrease Measures Amounts
zenba increase Measures Amounts
banzu suffice Measures Amounts
cimni infinite Measures Amounts
claxu without Measures Amounts
dukse excess Measures Amounts
kansa with Measures Amounts
klani quantity Measures Amounts
mutce much Measures Amounts
sarcu necessary Measures Amounts
satci exact Measures Amounts
mansa satisfy Measures Amounts
gusni illumine Measures Light & daytime
manku dark Measures Light & daytime
cerni morning Measures Light & daytime
donri daytime Measures Light & daytime
murse glimmering Measures Light & daytime
nicte night Measures Light & daytime
vanci evening Measures Light & daytime
ctino shadow Measures Light & daytime
cmaci mathematics Measures Mathematics
dilcu quotient Measures Mathematics
dugri logarithm Measures Mathematics
fancu function Measures Mathematics
frinu fraction Measures Mathematics
jganu angle Measures Mathematics
kancu count Measures Mathematics
kanji calculate Measures Mathematics
kubli cube Measures Mathematics
kurfa square Measures Mathematics
linji line Measures Mathematics
mekso MEX Measures Mathematics
namcu number Measures Mathematics
parbi ratio Measures Mathematics
pilji multiply Measures Mathematics
plita plane Measures Mathematics
radno radian Measures Mathematics
saclu decimal Measures Mathematics
sarni triangle Measures Mathematics
sinso sine Measures Mathematics
stero steradian Measures Mathematics
sumji sum Measures Mathematics
tanjo tangent Measures Mathematics
tenfa exponential Measures Mathematics
delno candela Measures Metric
grake gram Measures Metric
kelvo kelvin Measures Metric
litce liter Measures Metric
mitre meter Measures Metric
molro mole Measures Metric
xampo ampere Measures Metric
bunda pound Measures Non-metric
dekpu gallon Measures Non-metric
gutci cubit Measures Non-metric
kramu acre Measures Non-metric
minli mile Measures Non-metric
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
xadba half Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
Measures Numeric metric prefixes
balvi future Measures Points in time
cabna now Measures Points in time
cedra era Measures Points in time
clira early Measures Points in time
datru date Measures Points in time
detri date Measures Points in time
ditcu duration Measures Points in time
junla clock Measures Points in time
lerci late Measures Points in time
purci past Measures Points in time
tcika time of day Measures Points in time
temci time Measures Points in time
citsi season Measures Seasons
crisa summer Measures Seasons
critu autumn Measures Seasons
dunra winter Measures Seasons
vensa spring Measures Seasons
cimde dimension Measures Size & weight
cisni size Measures Size & weight
ckilu scale Measures Size & weight
gradu unit Measures Size & weight
junta weight Measures Size & weight
merli measure Measures Size & weight
tordu short Measures Size & weight (subjective)
banli great Measures Size & weight (subjective)
barda big Measures Size & weight (subjective)
caxno shallow Measures Size & weight (subjective)
cinla thin Measures Size & weight (subjective)
clani long Measures Size & weight (subjective)
cmalu small Measures Size & weight (subjective)
condi deep Measures Size & weight (subjective)
ganra broad Measures Size & weight (subjective)
jarki narrow Measures Size & weight (subjective)
linto lightweight Measures Size & weight (subjective)
rotsu thick Measures Size & weight (subjective)
tagji snug Measures Size & weight (subjective)
tilju heavy Measures Size & weight (subjective)
plana plump Measures Size & weight (subjective)
cacra hour Measures Units of time
djedi full day Measures Units of time
jeftu week Measures Units of time
masti month Measures Units of time
mentu minute Measures Units of time
nanca year Measures Units of time
snidu second Measures Units of time
pixra picture Psycho Abstractions
prina print Psycho Abstractions
smuni meaning Psycho Abstractions
sucta abstract Psycho Abstractions
cnemu reward Psycho Attitude Actions Possession interactions
jadni adorn Psycho Attitude Actions
basna emphasize Psycho Attitude
cinri interesting Psycho Attitude
cizra strange Psycho Attitude
fraxu forgive Psycho Attitude
kanpe expect Psycho Attitude
lakne probable Psycho Attitude
mabla derogative Psycho Attitude
melbi beautiful Psycho Attitude
pluka pleasant Psycho Attitude
spaji surprise Psycho Attitude
trina attract Psycho Attitude
vajni important Psycho Attitude
venfu revenge Psycho Attitude
zabna favorable Psycho Attitude
zanru approve Psycho Attitude
blabi white Psycho Color
blanu blue Psycho Color
bunre brown Psycho Color
cicna cyan Psycho Color
crino green Psycho Color
grusi gray Psycho Color
narju orange Psycho Color
nukni magenta Psycho Color
pelxu yellow Psycho Color
skari color Psycho Color
xekri black Psycho Color
xunre red Psycho Color
zirpu purple Psycho Color
terpa fear Psycho Emotion
ckeji ashamed Psycho Emotion
badri sad Psycho Emotion
betri tragedy Psycho Emotion
bilga obliged Psycho Emotion
birti certain Psycho Emotion
burna embarrassed Psycho Emotion
cfipu confusing Psycho Emotion
cinmo emotion Psycho Emotion
cisma smile Psycho Emotion
ckasu ridicule Psycho Emotion
ckire grateful Psycho Emotion
cmila laugh Psycho Emotion
dapma curse Psycho Emotion
djica desire Psycho Emotion
dunku anguish Psycho Emotion
fanza annoy Psycho Emotion
fengu angry Psycho Emotion
fenki crazy Psycho Emotion
gleki happy Psycho Emotion
jenca shock Psycho Emotion
jgira pride Psycho Emotion
jilra jealous Psycho Emotion
junri serious Psycho Emotion
kecti pity Psycho Emotion
kucli curious Psycho Emotion
kufra comfort Psycho Emotion
kusru cruel Psycho Emotion
manci wonder Psycho Emotion
nelci fond Psycho Emotion
pacna hope Psycho Emotion
prami love Psycho Emotion
sinma esteem Psycho Emotion
steba frustration Psycho Emotion
surla relax Psycho Emotion
tcica deceive Psycho Emotion
xajmi funny Psycho Emotion
xalbo levity Psycho Emotion
xalni panic Psycho Emotion
xanka nervous Psycho Emotion
xebni hate Psycho Emotion
xenru regret Psycho Emotion
zdile amusing Psycho Emotion
zungi guilt Psycho Emotion
nitcu need Psycho Emotion
frumu frown Psycho Emotion
jetnu TRUE Psycho Logic
jitfa FALSE Psycho Logic
kanxe conjunction Psycho Logic
logji logic Psycho Logic
natfe deny Psycho Logic
nibli necessitate Psycho Logic
vlina alternation Psycho Logic
drani correct Psycho Logic
srera err Psycho Logic
jursa severe Psycho Mind Context
lifri experience Psycho Mind Context
cilre learn Psycho Mind/Knowledge
ctuca teach Psycho Mind/Knowledge
cuxna choose Psycho Mind/Knowledge
datni data Psycho Mind/Knowledge
djuno know Psycho Mind/Knowledge
facki discover Psycho Mind/Knowledge
fatci fact Psycho Mind/Knowledge
finti invent Psycho Mind/Knowledge
jdice decide Psycho Mind/Knowledge
jijnu intuit Psycho Mind/Knowledge
jimpe understand Psycho Mind/Knowledge
jinvi opine Psycho Mind/Knowledge
krici believe Psycho Mind/Knowledge
lanli analyze Psycho Mind/Knowledge
menli mind Psycho Mind/Knowledge
morji remember Psycho Mind/Knowledge
nuzba news Psycho Mind/Knowledge
pensi think Psycho Mind/Knowledge
platu plan Psycho Mind/Knowledge
senpi doubt Psycho Mind/Knowledge
senva dream Psycho Mind/Knowledge
sidbo idea Psycho Mind/Knowledge
smadi guess Psycho Mind/Knowledge
sruma assume Psycho Mind/Knowledge
tadji method Psycho Mind/Knowledge
tadni study Psycho Mind/Knowledge
tugni agree Psycho Mind/Knowledge
xanri imaginary Psycho Mind/Knowledge
xusra assert Psycho Mind/Knowledge
vreji record Psycho Mind/Knowledge
sisku seek Psycho Mind/Knowledge
cipra test Psycho Mind/Knowledge
clite polite Psycho Personality trait
cumla humble Psycho Personality trait
darsi audacity Psycho Personality trait
jundi attentive Psycho Personality trait
juxre clumsy Psycho Personality trait
lazni lazy Psycho Personality trait
stace honest Psycho Personality trait
virnu brave Psycho Personality trait
xarnu stubborn Psycho Personality trait
xendo kind Psycho Personality trait
bebna foolish Psycho Personality trait (mind)
certu expert Psycho Personality trait (mind)
prije wise Psycho Personality trait (mind)
stati talent Psycho Personality trait (mind)
vrusi taste Psycho Sensation/observation
catlu look Psycho Sensation/observation
cortu pain Psycho Sensation/observation
cpina pungent Psycho Sensation/observation
ganse sense Psycho Sensation/observation
jvinu view Psycho Sensation/observation
sanji conscious Psycho Sensation/observation
simlu seem Psycho Sensation/observation
sumne smell Psycho Sensation/observation
tirna hear Psycho Sensation/observation
viska see Psycho Sensation/observation
X-panci odor Psycho Sensation/observation
zgana observe Psycho Sensation/observation
titla sweet Psycho Taste
kukte delicious Psycho Taste
kurki bitter Psycho Taste
slari sour Psycho Taste
dirba dear Psycho Attitude
ranxi irony Psycho Attitude
rigni disgusting Psycho Attitude
bredi ready Psycho Emotion
cartu chart Psycho Mind/Knowledge
racli sane Psycho Mind/Knowledge
slabu familiar Psycho Mind/Knowledge
fange alien Psycho Mind/Knowledge
frili easy Psycho Mind/Knowledge Attitude
nabmi problem Psycho Mind/Knowledge Attitude
nandu difficult Psycho Mind/Knowledge Attitude
draci drama Socio Actions
kelci play Socio Actions
tigni perform Socio Actions
cinba kiss Socio Actions Physical matter
dansu dance Socio Actions Physical matter
kalte hunt Socio Actions Physical matter
macnu manual Socio Actions Physical matter
zmiku automatic Socio Actions Physical matter
balni balcony Socio Buildings architecture
bitmu wall Socio Buildings architecture
canko window Socio Buildings architecture
cripu bridge Socio Buildings architecture
dinju building Socio Buildings architecture
drudi roof Socio Buildings architecture
kamju column Socio Buildings architecture
kumfa room Socio Buildings architecture
loldi floor Socio Buildings architecture
serti stairs Socio Buildings architecture
tsina stage Socio Buildings architecture
vorme door Socio Buildings architecture
zbepi pedestal Socio Buildings architecture
creka shirt Socio Clothes
cutci shoe Socio Clothes
daski pocket Socio Clothes
dasni wear Socio Clothes
gluta glove Socio Clothes
kosta coat Socio Clothes
lacni eyeglasses Socio Clothes
mapku cap Socio Clothes
palku pants Socio Clothes
pastu robe Socio Clothes
skaci skirt Socio Clothes
smoka sock Socio Clothes
taxfu garment Socio Clothes
karli collar Socio Clothes
fuzme responsible Socio Commands & obedience
lacri rely Socio Commands & obedience
minde command Socio Commands & obedience
sfasa punish Socio Commands & obedience
tinbe obey Socio Commands & obedience
cmene name Socio Communication Manifestation Links
preti question Socio Communication
danfu answer Socio Communication
bacru utter Socio Communication
casnu discuss Socio Communication
ciksi explain Socio Communication
cpedu request Socio Communication
cusku express Socio Communication
darlu argue Socio Communication
mrilu mail Socio Communication
notci message Socio Communication
nupre promise Socio Communication
pante protest Socio Communication
pikci beg Socio Communication
pinka comment Socio Communication
rinsa greet Socio Communication
skicu describe Socio Communication
spuda reply Socio Communication
stidi suggest Socio Communication
tarti behave Socio Communication
tavla talk Socio Communication
tcita label Socio Communication
vitke guest Socio Communication
voksa voice Socio Communication
xatra letter Socio Communication
talsa challenge Socio Communication
jinga win Socio Communication
jivna compete Socio Communication
friti offer Socio Communication
mifra code Socio Communication
kulnu culture Socio Culture
larcu art Socio Culture
misno famous Socio Culture
nobli noble Socio Culture
ritli rite Socio Culture
salci celebrate Socio Culture
saske science Socio Culture
tcaci custom Socio Culture
bangu language Socio Culture Language grammar
bridi predicate Socio Culture Language grammar
cmavo structure word Socio Culture Language grammar
fanva translate Socio Culture Language grammar
gadri article Socio Culture Language grammar
gerna grammar Socio Culture Language grammar
gismu root word Socio Culture Language grammar
jufra sentence Socio Culture Language grammar
lerfu letteral Socio Culture Language grammar
lujvo affix compound Socio Culture Language grammar
pandi punctuate Socio Culture Language grammar
rafsi affix Socio Culture Language grammar
rimni rhyme Socio Culture Language grammar
slaka syllable Socio Culture Language grammar
sumti argument Socio Culture Language grammar
tanru phrase compound Socio Culture Language grammar
valsi word Socio Culture Language grammar
bengo Bengali Socio Culture Languages
bindo Indonesian Socio Culture Languages
dotco German Socio Culture Languages
fraso French Socio Culture Languages
glico English Socio Culture Languages
jungo Chinese Socio Culture Languages
latmo Latin Socio Culture Languages
lojbo Lojbanic Socio Culture Languages
meljo Malaysian Socio Culture Languages
ponjo Japanese Socio Culture Languages
porto Portuguese Socio Culture Languages
rusko Russian Socio Culture Languages
spano Spanish Socio Culture Languages
srito Sanskrit Socio Culture Languages
vukro Ukrainian Socio Culture Languages
xebro Hebrew Socio Culture Languages
xelso Greek Socio Culture Languages
xindo Hindi Socio Culture Languages
xrabo Arabic Socio Culture Languages
xurdo Urdu Socio Culture Languages
baxso Malay-Indonesian Socio Culture Nationalities
bindo Indonesian Socio Culture Nationalities
brazo Brazilian Socio Culture Nationalities
brito British Socio Culture Nationalities
dotco German Socio Culture Nationalities
filso Palestinian Socio Culture Nationalities
fraso French Socio Culture Nationalities
gento Argentinian Socio Culture Nationalities
jerxo Algerian Socio Culture Nationalities
jordo Jordanian Socio Culture Nationalities
jungo Chinese Socio Culture Nationalities
kadno Canadian Socio Culture Nationalities
kisto Pakistani Socio Culture Nationalities
libjo Libyan Socio Culture Nationalities
lubno Lebanese Socio Culture Nationalities
meljo Malaysian Socio Culture Nationalities
merko American Socio Culture Nationalities
mexno Mexican Socio Culture Nationalities
misro Egyptian Socio Culture Nationalities
morko Moroccan Socio Culture Nationalities
norgo Norwegian Socio Culture Nationalities
nuzlo New Zelandish Socio Culture Nationalities
polno Polynesian Socio Culture Nationalities
ponjo Japanese Socio Culture Nationalities
porto Portuguese Socio Culture Nationalities
rakso Iraqi Socio Culture Nationalities
rusko Russian Socio Culture Nationalities
sadjo Saudi Socio Culture Nationalities
semto Semitic Socio Culture Nationalities
sesre Soviet Socio Culture Nationalities
sirxo Syrian Socio Culture Nationalities
skoto Scottish Socio Culture Nationalities
slovo Slavic Socio Culture Nationalities
softo Soviet Socio Culture Nationalities
spano Spanish Socio Culture Nationalities
sralo Australian Socio Culture Nationalities
turko Turkish Socio Culture Nationalities
vukro Ukrainian Socio Culture Nationalities
xelso Greek Socio Culture Nationalities
xispo Hispanic Socio Culture Nationalities
cevni god Socio Culture Religion Fate
budjo Buddhist Socio Culture Religion
censa holy Socio Culture Religion
crida fairy Socio Culture Religion
dadjo Taoist Socio Culture Religion
jegvo Jehovist Socio Culture Religion
lijda religion Socio Culture Religion
makfa magic Socio Culture Religion
malsi temple Socio Culture Religion
muslo Islamic Socio Culture Religion
pruxi spirit Socio Culture Religion
ranmi myth Socio Culture Religion
xriso Christian Socio Culture Religion
matci mat Socio Furniture General Shapes
murta curtain Socio Furniture General Shapes
ckana bed Socio Furniture
jubme table Socio Furniture
kajna shelf Socio Furniture
kicne cushion Socio Furniture
nilce furniture Socio Furniture
sfofa sofa Socio Furniture
stizu chair Socio Furniture
turni govern Socio Government, law & territory Links
zekri crime Socio Government, law & territory
catni authority Socio Government, law & territory
flalu law Socio Government, law & territory
jansu diplomat Socio Government, law & territory
krali right (entitlement) Socio Government, law & territory
pajni judge Socio Government, law & territory
pulji police Socio Government, law & territory
tutra territory Socio Government, law & territory
cfika fiction Socio Literature & writing
ciska write Socio Literature & writing
cukta book Socio Literature & writing
karni journal Socio Literature & writing
kibro cyberspace Socio Literature & writing
lisri story Socio Literature & writing
papri page Socio Literature & writing
pemci poem Socio Literature & writing
prosa prose Socio Literature & writing
tcidu read Socio Literature & writing
xaksu use up Socio Manufacturing Actions Event contours
cupra produce Socio Manufacturing Actions Event contours
festi waste Socio Manufacturing Actions Event contours
fanri factory Socio Manufacturing
gundi industry Socio Manufacturing
molki mill Socio Manufacturing
rutni artifact Socio Manufacturing
zbasu make Socio Manufacturing
kagni company Socio Money, trade etc. Actions Volitional actions
cuntu affair Socio Money, trade etc. Actions Volitional actions
pindi poor Socio Money, trade etc.
ricfu rich Socio Money, trade etc.
banxa bank Socio Money, trade etc.
canja exchange Socio Money, trade etc.
cteki tax Socio Money, trade etc.
fepni cent Socio Money, trade etc.
janta account Socio Money, trade etc.
jdima price Socio Money, trade etc.
jdini money Socio Money, trade etc.
jikni economic Socio Money, trade etc.
kargu costly Socio Money, trade etc.
pleji pay Socio Money, trade etc.
prali profit Socio Money, trade etc.
rupnu dollar Socio Money, trade etc.
sicni coin Socio Money, trade etc.
vamji value Socio Money, trade etc.
vecnu sell Socio Money, trade etc.
zarci market Socio Money, trade etc.
zivle invest Socio Money, trade etc.
marde morals Socio Morality
palci evil Socio Morality
vrude virtue Socio Morality
xamgu good Socio Morality
xlali bad Socio Morality
cladu loud Socio Music/sound
rilti rhythm Socio Music/sound
sance sound Socio Music/sound
sanga sing Socio Music/sound
savru noise Socio Music/sound
siclu whistle Socio Music/sound
smaji quiet Socio Music/sound
tonga tone Socio Music/sound
zgike music Socio Music/sound
damri drum Socio Musical instrument
flani flute Socio Musical instrument
janbe bell Socio Musical instrument
jgita guitar Socio Musical instrument
pipno piano Socio Musical instrument
tabra trumpet Socio Musical instrument
xagri reed Socio Musical instrument
cmoni moan Socio non-linguistic utterance
krixa cry out Socio non-linguistic utterance
tcadu city Socio Political divisions Socio Government, law & territory
gugde country Socio Political divisions
jarbu suburb Socio Political divisions
jecta polity Socio Political divisions
natmi nation Socio Political divisions
dargu road Socio Roads & pathways
klaji street Socio Roads & pathways
naxle canal Socio Roads & pathways
pluta route Socio Roads & pathways
jikca socialize Socio Society interaction
pendo friend Socio Society interaction
penmi meet Socio Society interaction
speni married Socio Society interaction
barja bar Socio Specific types of buildings
ckule school Socio Specific types of buildings
gusta restaurant Socio Specific types of buildings
muzga museum Socio Specific types of buildings
spita hospital Socio Specific types of buildings
xabju dwell Socio Specific types of buildings
xotli hotel Socio Specific types of buildings
zdani nest Socio Specific types of buildings
skiji ski Socio Sports
zajba gymnast Socio Sports
cecla launcher Socio Technology
cradi radio Socio Technology
danti projectile Socio Technology
dikca electric Socio Technology
fonxa telephone Socio Technology
jbama bomb Socio Technology
kacma camera Socio Technology
matra motor Socio Technology
minji machine Socio Technology
skami computer Socio Technology
skina cinema Socio Technology
tivni television Socio Technology
toknu oven Socio Technology
vidni video Socio Technology
jaspu passport Socio Tools Manifestation Links
pikta ticket Socio Tools Manifestation Links
burcu brush Socio Tools
komcu comb Socio Tools
pijne pin Socio Tools
balre blade Socio Tools
batke button Socio Tools
cabra apparatus Socio Tools
canpa shovel Socio Tools
cfine wedge Socio Tools
cinza tongs Socio Tools
ckiku key Socio Tools
dakfu knife Socio Tools
dinko nail Socio Tools
falnu sail Socio Tools
forca fork Socio Tools
garna rail Socio Tools
jendu axle Socio Tools
jinci shears Socio Tools
julne net Socio Tools
junla clock Socio Tools
klupe screw Socio Tools
lenjo lens Socio Tools
linsi chain Socio Tools
mruli hammer Socio Tools
pambe pump Socio Tools
penbi pen Socio Tools
pinsi pencil Socio Tools
pulni pulley Socio Tools
sacki match Socio Tools
salpo slope Socio Tools
santa umbrella Socio Tools
smuci spoon Socio Tools
tutci tool Socio Tools
vraga lever Socio Tools
xislu wheel Socio Tools
basfa omnibus Socio Vehicles
bloti boat Socio Vehicles
carce cart Socio Vehicles
jakne rocket Socio Vehicles
karce car Socio Vehicles
marce vehicle Socio Vehicles
sabnu cabin Socio Vehicles
trene train Socio Vehicles
vinji airplane Socio Vehicles
bilni military Socio War conflict
bradi enemy Socio War conflict
damba fight Socio War conflict
fapro oppose Socio War conflict
jamna war Socio War conflict
jenmi army Socio War conflict
panpi peace Socio War conflict
sonci soldier Socio War conflict
xarci weapon Socio War conflict
briju office Socio Work employment
gunka work Socio Work employment
jerna earn Socio Work employment
jibri job Socio Work employment
lanci flag Socio Government law territory
nurma rural Socio Government law territory
pinfu prisoner Socio Government law territory
ginka camp Socio Government law territory
broda predicate var 1 Special
brode predicate var 2 Special
brodi predicate var 3 Special
brodo predicate var 4 Special
brodu predicate var 5 Special
preti cusku ask (question) tanru
kensa outer space Universe Astronomy
lunra lunar Universe Astronomy
mluni satellite Universe Astronomy
plini planet Universe Astronomy
solri solar Universe Astronomy
tarci star Universe Astronomy
terdi earth Universe Astronomy
tsani sky Universe Astronomy
cidro hydrogen Universe Chemical elements
cnisa lead Universe Chemical elements
jilka alkali Universe Chemical elements
kijno oxygen Universe Chemical elements
kliru chlorine Universe Chemical elements
margu mercury Universe Chemical elements
navni neon Universe Chemical elements
nikle nickel Universe Chemical elements
ratni atom Universe Chemical elements
rijno silver Universe Chemical elements
sliri sulfur Universe Chemical elements
sodna sodium Universe Chemical elements
solji gold Universe Chemical elements
tabno carbon Universe Chemical elements
tinci tin Universe Chemical elements
tirse iron Universe Chemical elements
trano nitrogen Universe Chemical elements
tunka copper Universe Chemical elements
zinki zinc Universe Chemical elements
jimte limit Universe General General Shapes
canlu space Universe General
kantu quantum Universe General
maksi magnet Universe General
munje universe Universe General
nejni energy Universe General
rarna natural Universe General
xukmi chemical Universe General
jicmu basis Universe General
kuspe range Universe General
bakri chalk Universe Materials & substances
bisli ice Universe Materials & substances
blaci glass Universe Materials & substances
bukpu cloth Universe Materials & substances
canre sand Universe Materials & substances
cinta paint Universe Materials & substances
ckabu rubber Universe Materials & substances
ctile petroleum Universe Materials & substances
dacti object Universe Materials & substances
dertu dirt Universe Materials & substances
djacu water Universe Materials & substances
fagri fire Universe Materials & substances
fonmo foam Universe Materials & substances
gapci gas Universe Materials & substances
gasta steel Universe Materials & substances
grasu grease Universe Materials & substances
jalna starch Universe Materials & substances
jemna gem Universe Materials & substances
jinme metal Universe Materials & substances
kliti clay Universe Materials & substances
kolme coal Universe Materials & substances
korka cork Universe Materials & substances
krili crystal Universe Materials & substances
kunra mineral Universe Materials & substances
lakse wax Universe Materials & substances
lastu brass Universe Materials & substances
litki liquid Universe Materials & substances
livla fuel Universe Materials & substances
mapni cotton Universe Materials & substances
marji material Universe Materials & substances
matli linen Universe Materials & substances
mudri wood Universe Materials & substances
panje sponge Universe Materials & substances
pelji paper Universe Materials & substances
pesxu paste Universe Materials & substances
pulce dust Universe Materials & substances
purmo powder Universe Materials & substances
ransu bronze Universe Materials & substances
rokci rock Universe Materials & substances
romge chrome Universe Materials & substances
silka silk Universe Materials & substances
skori cord Universe Materials & substances
slami acid Universe Materials & substances
slasi plastic Universe Materials & substances
sligu solid Universe Materials & substances
staku ceramic Universe Materials & substances
sunla wool Universe Materials & substances
tarla tar Universe Materials & substances
vacri air Universe Materials & substances
vindu poison Universe Materials & substances
xinmo ink Universe Materials & substances
zbabu soap Universe Materials & substances
sudga dry Universe Properties
ranti soft Universe Properties
tinsa stiff Universe Properties
viknu viscous Universe Properties
cilmo moist Universe Properties
denmi dense Universe Properties
jdari firm Universe Properties
pruni elastic Universe Properties
trati taut Universe Properties
glare hot Universe Temperature
kelvo kelvin Universe Temperature
lenku cold Universe Temperature
mucti immaterial Universe General
jelca burn Universe Materials & substances