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Frequency lists. Rob Speer's lists

The following is about Rob Speer's frequency lists, which have fallen off the 'net. Some of them have been recovered and attached here. The word frequency lists as of 2003/4/30. Stored on a separate server.

These frequency lists are drawn from a corpus containing the contents of the directory, most of this Wiki's texts in Lojban, as many IRC logs as I could find, the texts on CVS, and a large portion of the jbosnu archives. I spent some time weeding out most of the English text, and tried to avoid picking up metalinguistic discussion (a word frequency list based on the main mailing list showed that lujvo is one of the most commonly used words).

(updated 2003/7/12; non-lujvo removed; malformed almost-lujvo marked with *)

mi'e rab.spir