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There are two lists of gismu sorted by their rhyming patterns:

  • la sutysisku. To find rhymes add @ at the end or in the beginning of the word.
    • words with more precise rhymes are shown higher in the list.
    • phonemes closer to each other in their articulation are taken into account. Thus for words ending in -e words ending in -i have a higher priority that those ending in -u. Also l is similar to r so saclu rhymes with bacru because l is close to r. With lower priority saclu rhymes with cacra because the last letter is different.
    • Thus, rhymes to saclu are richer than those provided by earlier rhyme lists. We only had kacma and racli as suggestions. Now we have many more.
  • Rhymes list
  • Rhyming alphabetical list
  • re ctuca - a list of play on words like in re ctuca/rectu ca.H