Vocab Lessons/2- Colors

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This is pre-alpha (only picture(s) and answers missing).

ti crino

tu blanu

do blabi [note - used as a normal color term covering the range of colors it normaly does, unlike english "white" which is used for skin tones that are actually "pink"]

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Eccentricities: Xekri is all very dark shades, not merely ones dark enough to qualify as black; likewise blabi is all very light shades. Nukni is often understood to be #FF00FF, whereas zirpu is presumably included to have all the colors of the rainbow. Pink is not a basic color, and pink things might be either blabi (if very light) xunre (if reddish) or nukni (if hot pink).

Read the statements. (What other things in the pictures are crino, blanu or blabi? What things are xunre, pelxu or xekri? What things are cicna, narju or grusi? What things are nukni, zirpu or bunre?)[no pictures yet]

New Words:

xekri - x1 is black/extremely dark-colored

blabi - x1 is white/very-light colored

grusi - x1 is gray

xunre - x1 is red

pelxu - x1 is yellow (except pelxu noticeably covers a larger range of colors than english "yellow")

crino - x1 is green

blanu - x1 is blue

bunre - x1 is brown

cicna - x1 is cyan

narju - x1 is orange

nukni - x1 is magenta/fuchsia

zirpu - x1 is purple/violet

ti - this

ta - that nearby

tu - that over there

i - sentence separator

ni'o - topic separator [use between answers to different questions here in Vocab Lessons]

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