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(This is late pre-alpha.)

Vocab lessons (L1) t1WdntIT and Mary.jpg

Vocab Lessons (L1) Dialogue 1.jpg

-coi do -coi -mi’e mark -co’o la mark

-co’o petr -co’o meris

<pictures go here> (the one who doesn't introduce themselves in the second dialogue is supposed to be sufficiently visually distinct from the others)

Read the dialogues. How many words each have Peter, Mark and Mary said? How many words has the one who didn't introduce themselves said?

New Words:

coi - hi

co’o - bye

do - you

mi’e - I am

la - name marker

Grammar: Note that words that end in a consonant are names (y is NOT a consonant).

Answer: It turns out everyone has said exactly four words (remember that names normally consist of (one or more) (name-)words).

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