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The mystical idea that Lojban is discovered rather than invented; Lojban exists independently of Lojbanists, and through using and discussing the language we explore it, glimpsing it and feeling our way around within it in the tenebrous twilight. la xod is the principal transcendentalist.

--And Rosta

  • I think this is closely tied to the Bob LeChevalier and JCB self-perception that the "little Lo{gl b}anists in their heads" tell them how the language goes, and in a certain way to the archetype of the artist's Muse. --jc

Well, I don't consider the founders to be divinely inspired or anything. I do think that the operating assumption of transcendentalism will produce intriguing results, however. It is the Sapir-Whorf way to use Lojban: to put it in our heads and watch how it plays with everything else there. --xod

mi bellyfeel ijyjmi le najyzme

Interesting juxtaposition: creativity and Sapir-Whorf. I don't see them as likely to be connected in any causal sense. Hopi who speak Spanish or English are every bit as conservative as monolingual Hopi -- possibly more so (in self defense?). Merely seeing things in a different way doesn't necessarily lead to new expressions or even new actions. On the other hand, a good imagination locked in a single worldview can create all manner of novelties (and has for roughly 4000 years of records) pc>|8}