stika la lojban.

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OICAI. This formerly read malstika. But if this Wiki or its editorship is communally owned then that is inappropriate as a heading on the FrontPage. mi'e And.

IMO, it ought to be something besides merely stika. mabla is probably excessive, though. --Jay -- how about toistika=troci+stika --evgenis.?


  1. Since I (mi'e nitcion) originally had stika (didn't I?), someone's changed it to malstika, and now you (And) have changed it back, this is illustrative of what Wikiologists claim happens when there's a dispute on content in a Wiki: it oscillates between the two warring parties' contentions, in a bistable state, until (one hopes) either one state drops out or (likelier) both sides run out of energy.
  1. Jay is exceedingly correct. The English word's connotation, I believe, both parties are agreed on.
  1. I think some Lojban-wiki-specific etiquette rules would be a good idea too.

I am the one who changed stika into malstika, as I thought it to be a better translation of Tinkering. If any tinkerers were offended by the term, I apologize. --tsali

Okay, I see I overreacted a bit, but "tinkering" merely connotes mabla within the Lojbo community, whereas malstika denotes something bad. Furthermore, if anything is bad, it is not tinkering per se, but tinkering specifically with Lojban. Malstika would be a better translation of English verbs bollocks/bollix, fuck up, screw up. -- And Rosta.

no'e xamgu stika -> norxaustika I think its sort of neutral on some scale... I'm not sure which one, though. --Jay