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"lojbo karni" (LK) was a newsletter published by The Logical Language Group from 1989-1994. It was first published in February 1989, as issue number 8, and contained the "news and product announcement section" of the March 1989 issue of "ju'i lobypli", also numbered 8.

For the first four issues of "lojbo karni", all dated 1989, publication preceded the publication of the corresponding issue of "ju'i lobypli". Subscribers of "ju'i lobypli" also received "lojbo karni". Beginning with "lojbo karni"/"ju'i lobypli" number 12 (May 1990), "ju'i lobypli" reintegrated the news and announcements sections, so that it was no longer necessary for subscribers to "ju'i lobypli" to also receive "lojbo karni".

The last published version of "lojbo karni", numbered 18/19, appeared May 1994, one year after "ju'i lobypli" number 18. It was numbered 18/19 in anticipation of "ju'i lobypli" number 19 being published before additional news accumulated. However, that issue was never published.