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The Logical Language Group made a last-minute announcement of Logfest 2005. The Philadelphia science fiction convention hilcon set aside a room in which to hold the intermittently-recurring celebration of the Lojban language, December 9 through 11, 2005.

In attendance were:

Robin Lee Powell; camgusmis

Matt Arnold; epkat

Mark Shoulson; clsn

Stephen Weeks; tenes

Adam Cooper; komfo,amonan

Bob LeChevalier; lojbab

Nora LeChevalier

A lot of recordings were made for the Lojban podcast, jbocradi. Lojban's main currently-active organizer, Robin Lee Powell, endured many trials and tribulations making it to Logfest, which he told us entirely in Lojban for about 45 minutes. This is serialized in the podcast.

We played Logfest 2005 : Nanofictionary texts anofictionary. Matt Arnold used Lojban to describe how to play the games of avia Dratp and mergo. We put a whiteboard on a chair on the table and Mark Shoulson taught Philcon attendees in two beginner's classes.

There occurred the historic meeting between Bob LeChevalier and awrence Schoen, the Director of the LI, with general friendliness and conviviality, somewhat to the surprise or even disappointment (apparently) of some of the onlooking fans.

Also present was Keith Lynch, former Lojban supporter, though he did not participate in the LogFest.