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jbonunsla, also known as LogFest, is the annual gathering of the Logical Language Group. We are required by an LLG bylaw to have an annual meeting. Every year we have a Lojban Convention for any and all in the community who are willing to come. LogFest was traditionally held at lojbab's house in Fairfax VA, a suburb of Washington DC, usually over a weekend in July or August. We have typically had around 20 people come for part or all of the weekend. Some of these people are among the more committed Lojbanists, and around half the attendees typically are at beginner skill levels. Usually several people travel a substantial distance in order to attend, and those people are often treated as a guests of honor and are given first consideration for choosing the activities on which we focus.

Other than giving those who had to travel furthest preference in picking topics, LogFest is largely unstructured, in part because we don't know who or how many are coming until a couple of days before things start. LogFest is what the community chooses to make it. Because the official LLG meeting occurs during Logfest, some of the major decisions affecting the Lojban community tend to get made there.

In 2005 and 2006, the annual gatherings started being held at science fiction conventions.

The LogFest name for the annual gathering of Lojban enthusiasts was a holdover from Loglan. Sometimes it has been called jboselsla, but that was inaccurate and meant the celebrators, not the celebration. jbotersla was rejected as being the program items at the celebration-- such as the games, discussions, and speeches-- not the celebration itself as a whole. So jbonunsla was settled on as the name.

Logfest 2015/jbonunsla 2015

Main article: jbonunsla 2015 jbonunsla 2015 was on the 29th and 30th of August at the Holiday Inn in Princeton, New Jersey. The address is 100 Independence Way, which is just off Route 1.

It was small (six or seven people), but we accomplished some things: we reformatted some parts of the CLL and entered lots of test questions for a Lojban proficiency test.

Logfest 2013/jbonunsla 2013

jbonunsla 2013

Logfest/jbonunsla 2013, celebrating Lojban's 25th Anniversary, was held January 3-5, 2013 at lojbab's residence in Fairfax, VA.

Logfest 2012/jbonunsla 2012

jbonunsla 2012 was held in the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, 7 July 2011 and Sunday, 8 July 2011. The gathering took place in a shared hotel room in San Mateo.

Attendees can travel easily from the following airports, in order of convenience: San Francisco International Airport, San Jose Airport, and Oakland International Airport. Locals with cars are available for pickup if necessary.

The space has room for at least 4 to sleep, and seating for about 10 people.

Our plans for activities are extremely flexible, as in we don't really have any; this has caused issues with focus in previous years, so suggestions regarding activities and topics are welcome, even if you won't be attenting.

Generally, attendees can expect games, chatting in and about Lojban, and regular breaks for food. Most attendees will arrive on Friday and depart on Monday, so the most significant activities will likely take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Much of the event was recorded by camgusmis.

Logfest 2011/jbonunsla 2011

jbonunsla 2011

Main Article: jbonunsla 2011

Logfest 2011 occurred on the weekend of July 4th (Friday, July 1st through Sunday, July 3rd) in Mountain View, California, USA. Logfest 2011 was coordinated by .alyn.post. It had about ten people on average throughout each day ranging from absolute beginner to seasoned veteran.

Logfest 2010/jbonunsla 2010

jbonunsla 2010: Courtesy of Axis, a picture of most of the attendees, and a couple of newbies, during a lesson

Logfest 2010 took place from April 30 - May 2 at PenguiCon 2010 in Troy, Michigan, and was a great success. Nine serious Lojbanists attended, and we attracted something 3 or 4 newbies.

LogFest 2009/jbonunsla 2009

LogFest 2009 was at PenguiCon 2009, from 1 May 2009 through 3 May 2009. We are extremely fortunate that Matt Arnold is both the ConChair of PenguiCon and a Lojbanist, so we have great space set aside for us! See the jbonunsla 2009 page for details.

Logfest 2006

There was a jbonunsla 2006 at Penguicon both Philcon 2006

and Penguicon 2006. The former was larger. See jbonunsla 2006 for details.

Logfest 2005

Logfest 2005

Logfest 2002

Logfest 2002 pictures