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This page is about the 2011 jbonunsla event. For general information on jbonunsla, see the jbonunsla.

If you're trying to find people, call Robin/camgusmis at 650-296-8094

Time & Place

jbonunsla 2011 started officially on Saturday, 2 July 2011, although many people arrived the day before that. It ended Sunday night, July 3rd. The gathering took place in shared hotel room in San Mateo.

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jbonunsla 2011 was held as an Open Space event.

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The Opening Ceremony, where the format was introduced and welcomes were exchanged, was at 10:00AM Saturday morning.

jbonunsla is divided into "tracks" that broadly categorize Lojbanic activity. These categorizations have no truth value outside of the jbonunsla schedule. Any particular activity here is not constrained by these categories, but rather the category is one frame used to discuss the event.

Speaker's Track

This track is for users of the language. Arguing about finer details of the language takes a back seat to talking about things in the Language.

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Maker's Track

This track is for uses of the language. Projects that build on top of the Lojban Language.

Semantic Web

Lojbanic Software

Tinkerer's Track

This track is for discussion of the language. Dark corners, finer points, exploration of what could be or could have been belong in the Tinkerer's Track.

Community Track

Discussion of the Lojbanic community.


Schedule of Events

LLG Annual Meeting

Who Came?

The attendants of the first day included (in no particular order):

  • Ted Reed
  • Stephen Weeks
  • Pierre Abbat
  • Alan Post
  • ti'ocpi
  • teryrei
  • Byron Johnson
  • James Royston