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Some gismu have unexpected place structures.

  • Almost all gismu for animal or plant species have individual x1 of species x2, except:
    • Among animals, lanme and tirxu, which add a third place, and remna, which leaves out the x2. (These constitute the "Three Exceptional Animals"...le ci narcnano danlu)
      • In Loglan, the x3 of "bee" is the hive.
    • Among plants, latna (because it's not really a type of plant) and ckunu which adds x3=cones. (Any others?)
    • vidru also has an x3 place.
  • jalge has x1 and x2 reversed relative to krinu, mukti, nibli and rinka (see selbri for causality).
    • I find this extremely confusing, especially when using ja'e or seja'e. mi'e jezrax
    • That way, if you want to emphasize the result, you use jalge, and if you want to emphasize the cause, use one of the others.
  • ve tcika is the location of an event with given time, while te detri is the location of an event of with given date.
  • From and to confusion: all(?) movement gismu have to before from, but not all others.
    • This confusion is related to the way English overloads to and from with many meanings.
    • binxo: from A to B; farvi to B from A
    • pruce: from input A to output B
  • Most measuring-unit gismu have the standard as x3, including gutci, but mitre and minli have it as x4. x3 of mitre is the direction, and x3 of minli is the subunit.

(For those who appreciate the abstract beauty of language, this aspect

resembles "irregular verbs" in natural ones.)

(For those who appreciate the concrete beauty of a logical language, this aspect resembles Perl. And nitcion don't mean that in a good way.)