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  • The following used to be the amazingly stupidly named page "&*&":
    • Now you begin to bellyfeel Lojban!
      • .i ku'i do na betfu jimpe la .uikij. zo'o .i ko tcitygau lo mulze'a drata ledei notci; mu'i lenu zo'e ba ka'e pilno lo drata tarcylerfu lenu sinxa lo pinka -- mi'e nitcion (ba'o zukte) ki'e!
  • The following used to be ""Can't we all just get along?"" (the paged name had actual double quotes):
  • .a'o ma'a sarxe simxu
    • ki'e do mi'e tinkit
    • sei za'a nago'i
  • This was a page found in orphan pages. If the content is of interest, it needs a new home.
    • mu (xu �=5?)
      • ge'o my
  • xu la lojban. xamg
    • xu? ko'a goi la lojban. xamgu GO'I
      • .i xu ko'a frica lei bangu
  • Wiki Fascism
    • This Wiki is for content which can be related to Lojban. This Wiki is not for metadiscussions about the nature of Wikis, or for trolling of any sort.
      • I will not concede to people who want to call me a fascist, as I have been call things far worse than that in my time. -Jay Kominek, Wikimaster
  • This page has been upstaged by  :
    • winking smiley face
    • pa kanla ganlo gleki flira sinxa (phew)
      • Or just "zo'o"
  • Page named tavla has been removed. Here were the contents:

.i 'palci ki'a' .i xu dramau falu

'ko morji le du'u le pu'u zbasu la .uiki. cu marde lei pilno be la lojban. le cabna je balvi rolre'izda'

.u'i marde ki'a .i je'enai

na jimpe le du'u da'u se smuni makau .i ki'uma lo pu'u zbasu la .uiki. cu na'e xamgu to le pilno be la lojban. toi va'i palci

.i mi mi'e nitcion. sruma ledu'u mi djuno ledu'u le pu cusku cu jimpygau makau .i mi zmanei le ka fraxu vau zo'o


This is from a page that was called binary cmavo

OK, here is the reason for binary cmavo (whatever they end up being). Lojban may end up using many different bases. There is already strong support for hexadecimal, dozenal, and decimal. If one wants to be totally unambiguous, the simplest base--binary--should be available with separate cmavo. Besides, it's only two! Also, in computers, one can unambiguously announce a bit field. It also allows one to pronounce the binary symbols I propose at

ni'i ma zo no joi zo pa na banzu

ta'e kancu fo li pa no ju'u dau .onai li pa xa ju'u dau

The simplest base is actually unary: just one digit and hard to miss. We already have digits for 0 and 1, they work just dandy. What's particularly nice is that we also have a completely unambiguous cmavo for 2, which is handy for specifying binary: ju'u re is completely unambiguous no matter what base you like using (notably, no and pa are also completely unambiguous, in pretty much any base. So whyfor bit-cmavo?). So too is ju'u dau/gai for specifying decimal/dozenal. If you really want to be helpful to hexadecimalists, propose a cmavo for 16 (decimal), so you can be unambiguous in representing that number-base as well (though I'm also partial to the convention of saying ju'u su'ovai in appropriately colloquial contexts). Truth be told, there really is something to be said for having a special primitive for one's number base instead of constructing it out of two digits, for non-mathematical contexts, etc. Hence, 12 o'clock and not 0-11 o'clock, etc. (note that I am not proposing a PA cmavo meaning "my current number base": that's already covered by pano!) So a putative hexadecimal user perhaps would want a cmavo for F+1. Though I don't think it's really all that necessary. --mi'e mark

So, this is just hex with 8 times as many syllables, just so that you never have to actually acknowledge that decimal is the default base and say {ju'u}?

It's becoming clear, tinkit, that Lojban is not the language you should be using. Lojban is designed for humans. Perhaps you can go make up a constructed language for an alien race which worships the number 2 and are under an obligation to never pronounce the syllable {ju}, or else the Evil Beast of Pano will eat them.

There is an impression of Lojban that it can only be used by geeks talking to their computers, and you are the embodiment of this impression. I am a geek who one day would like to use Lojban to communicate with computers, but you give this idea and the entire language a bad name with your useless proposals that attempt to mangle Lojban until it matches the basic functionality of computers, instead of letting computers work with the functionality of Lojban.

If this is all you can contribute to Lojban, ko ionai cliva.

While this sentiment is intelligible, it has problems: mabla cliva properly means that leaving is a bad thing, whereas the context seems to indicate that you count it as a good thing. Just as mabla citka means swilling/pigging out, so mabla cliva would mean something like deserting.

Hmm, okay. Then how do we say "fuck off"?

Just dropping the mabla allows the .ionai to carry the weight, as it should.


.iecai mi'e djez

.ienaisai .i .a'o ma'a sarxe simxu

la'e do'i pe la rab. spir. cu na srana le casnu .i .e'u ko cusku do'i vecu'u la tinkit .i le nu fapro le se darlu be da kei le nu fapro da cu zmadu le ka logji .i mi'e tinkit

.i ro nu fapro le se darlu be do cu rinka lonu do zbasu lo drata je xlamau se darlu .i mi terpa ro se darlu poi xlamau la'eda'u


Page formerly named bisycla:

o'e relcukmarce? na bisli clani? .i ku'i lo'e dunra ja'a go'i


ki'anai zo'o


The contents of a page that was called co'e:

an underused co'e that could be used for metaphor

What's an underused co'e?

It's something that's underused.


The contents of a page that was called Discordian:

kalsa se lijda

noda jetnu .i curmi rode


The contents of a page that was called elron:

zo elron cu fanva zoi vy Elrond vy noi cmene bau le bangu pe lai eldar? (tozoigy elves gytoi)

i du'o le se cusku be la tolkien la elron cu ge se patfu la eledan noi remna gi se mamta la aruen po'u lai eldar