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Lojban names

Any word used in Lojban as a name. Often used (loosely) in English to refer specifically to the special morphological class ((selma'o) of CMENE, which must end in a consonant, and not include the syllables la, lai, and doi. cmene in Lojban involve LA followed by either CMENE or selbri.


  • .i xu lo rozgu poi lo drata cu cmene ke'a ku'o na dunli fileka melbi panci
    Lojban can distinguish between the non-terminal cmene and the selma'o CMENE (selma'o po'u la cmene), but it makes a good deal of sense to refer to CMENE words in Lojban at least as cmevla. I think that a cmevla is a valsi lo cmene, and thus is minimally different from just cmene in this respect. ((selbri used as names are also words used as names. For those Lojban words ending in consonants, I think that cmeseltai could work, or cmeseltaivla.
  • cmene isn't a selma'o! --Jay
    • No, it's a lexeme, but we end up using selma'o (q.v.) to mean lexeme.
      • um. but thats wrong... if you want a word for word class, use vlalei, not the word for cmavo class.
    • It's certainly bogus to call CMENE a selma'o, though the internal code of the parser does (as well as BRIVLA). In Lojban, a better term such as vlalei would be preferred. Then there are 3 vlalei and 120+ selma'o. (JWC, Prose] by nitcion is very easy to identify; he consistently forgets about the rule againt la.
      • .i .oiru'e zo'o ji'a ze'enai pilno le cmavo be zo ui i .u'i mi'e nitcion.