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This page confuses me greatly.

Issue 1

This page explains that a cmene is:

Any word used in Lojban as a name.

However, in jbovlaste[1], we have:

In Lojban, a cmevla may only consist of a single word, whereas a cmene can consist of one or multiple words, which may be cmevla.

If jbovlaste is correct, shouldn't a cmene be one or more words used in Lojban as a name? So in la .fuz. .kat. .feis. we have a cmene consisting of three cmevla. And in la mapra mlatu flira, we also have a cmene consisting of one selbri, which consists of three gismu.

It seems that camxes[2] allows a string of cmevla, or (.onai) a selbri. So maybe this is better said:

Any selbri, or one or more cmevla, used in Lojban as a name.

Issue 2

The page goes on to say:

cmene in Lojban involve LA followed by either CMENE or selbri.

So then cmene is not a word or string of words but a grammatical class like sumti? I think this might be better said as:

cmene in Lojban are converted to sumti by using LA.

Issue 3

Is there a selma'o CMENE? It seems the conclusion is no. If so, mention of it should be removed.

Robertbaruch (talk) 18:20, 28 March 2020 (UTC)