Vocab Lessons/3- Fruit

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This is pre-alpha

(This isn't a very good picture, you can propose replacements on the talk page) lo perli cu crino i lo badna cu pelxu

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Read the statements. What colors are the fruits on the picture? How many are of each color? Each type of fruit? Answer in lojban as far as possible.

New Words:

badna ✔
x1 is a banana/plantain [fruit/plant] of species/breed x2.
x1 is a fig [fruit/tree] of species/strain x2.
guzme ✔
x1 is a melon/squash [fruit/plant] of species/strain x2.
x1 is a berry (fruit/plant) of plant/species x2.
narge ??
x1 is a nut [body-part: hard-shelled fruit] from plant/species x2 with shell x3 and kernel x4.
x1 is a quantity of citrus [fruit/tree, etc.] of species/strain x2.
perli ✓
x1 is a pear [fruit] of species/strain x2.
x1 is an apple [fruit] of species/strain x2.
x1 is a tomato [fruit/vegetable/plant] of species/strain x2.
grute N/A
x1 is a fruit [body-part] of species x2.

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<and add "existing" or suchlike here>

Things that are not fruit:

kobli cabbage Living Food

samcu cassava Living Food Vegetation

sunga garlic Living

???narge nut Living

sluni onion Living

Answer: lo perli cu crino i lo badna cu pelxu i lo guzme cu crino je pelxu ni'o re pelxu cu grute i ci crino cu grute ni'o pa badna cu E i pa perli cu E i ci guzme cu E

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