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turvla are words that have internal structure (like prefixes, infixes, suffixes) and the meaning of which depends on this structure. turjvo are lujvo that are turvla.

turvla classes

If for a given word you find more places than listed here it means this word is not a turvla.

  1. -gau suffix. x1 x2 x3 x4 ... brodygau unwraps into x1 cu gasnu lo nu x2 broda x3 x4 .... Equivalent to x1 jai gau broda fai x2 x3 x4 ...
  2. -ske suffix. brodyske = x1 is the broda science, broda-ology studying particular subject x2
  3. -pre suffix. brodypre means x1 is a brodaman, a broda-er. Roughly corresponds to English "-er" or "-man" like "fireman" etc. Can describe only persons, not non-conscious objects.
  4. -sku suffix. brodysku = x1 says x2 (text related to broda or entity) towards x3.
    • piksku means to say comment ... to ...
    • retsku means to ask (say question) ... to ...
    • ta'asku means to talk about ... to ...
  5. cmacma, brabra mean very small, very big. Unwrap according to La Tsani's Flipping Principle.
  6. bra- prefix. brabroda - something like broda and metaphorically big. The place structure is identical to broda. bramlatu is Big Cat, not big cat. braxamsi is described by some not just as a big xamsi but having some new properties.
  7. cma- prefix generates cimjvo.
  8. tce- prefix. tcebroda unwraps into mutce lo ka ce'u broda
  9. zan- prefix is applied to the whole lujvo part after it, doesn't need kem after it. Marks the tail as something favorable, nice, cool.
  10. mal- prefix is applied to the whole lujvo part after it, doesn't need kem after it. Marks the tail as something bad, deplorable, shitty.
  11. zil- prefix. zilbroda unwraps into zi'o cu broda
  12. -nmo suffix to attitudinal words. uinmo means to be happy.
  13. -cmi suffix. brodycmi is x1 is a member of group x2
  14. -kansa suffix. brodykansa is x1 is a co-worker, colleague, workmate, corelegionist (brother in faith), coeval, fellow contryman/traveller etc. of x2 in lo nu broda
  15. -sle suffix. brodysle is x1 is a cell, particle of x2

lo seltau that are adverbial

  • certain prefixes work as adverbs. i.e. in a lujvo with two selbrisle they dont take the position of x2 of the tertau.
    • Example: tce- prefix. In tcebroda in instead puts broda into x2 of mutce in expansion.
    • See also selskiski.
    • Cyril Slobin and Russian community noted the same. lo pofygau could be allegedly expanded into lo gasnu je spofu or lo gasnu poi spofu but in turjvo ideology this doesn't happen since -gau is a suffix having a fixed meaning.

Undecided issues

  1. sim- prefix. x1 ce x2 x3 x4 simbroda expands into x1 ce x2 simxu lo ka ce'u broda ce'u x3 x4


  • -col- suffix. klacoldoi unwraps into klama fe do

Some commonly used terms

  • lujvo - a verb formally consisting of rafsi according to Lojban morphology.
    • turjvo - a lujvo that has rafsi taking certain positions (slots) in the lujvo with fixed effect.
      • jvajvo - a lujvo that can be unwrapped into a bridi according to rules of its consisting slotted rafsi (brodygau).
      • cimjvo - a lujvo the meaning (+ sometimes place structure) of which is unpredictable from its constituent rafsi (brabroda).