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  • Conservatism favours a baseline that doesn't change at all.
    • I think you mean a language that does or does not change. A baseline is by definition a snapshot of the language at one moment. The issue then is about freezing the language at a baseline, or not. --la xod
    • I keep on hearing conflicting stories. If a baseline is not necessarily frozen, then presumably it can change. Anyway, I don't mean a language entire that does or does not change. I mean an explicitly and published grammar that does or does not change. --And Rosta

In brief:

  • hardlinerism preaches rigorous definition of semantics and usage that scrupulously adheres to those rigorous definitions.
  • naturalism preaches using and treating Lojban as a natural language: it is something to be explored through usage, and should grow organically rather than be formally defined in ways beyond what is set down in the baseline.
  • fundamentalism preaches that it is a sin to propose any elements of the language design that deviate from the baseline

Naturalism and hardlinerism are incompatible, but all other possible combinations of these ideologies are attested in one Lojbanist or another.

--And Rosta

Has anyone beside me noticed that Nick turns up as a Hardliner and a Naturalist? In discussion with And, xod (xod) realized that this faction classification system could bear one more fine tuning pass. Hence, I am creating at least one more position, SWism, to sort of replace some of transcendentalism and maybe naturalism, but which I think is more conceptually coherent. --la xod