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Stanislav Lem described a dictionary, where the term "sepulka" sends the reader to "sepulkaria", which sends to "sepulenie", which, in its turn, sends back to "sepulka", giving practically no definition of the term.

In the dictionary S. Lem described new words are used without explaining their meaning.

It's important to use only previously used words or other tools. The example of the latter are explanatory pictures.

In Lojban "deep brivla structure" principle allows to express any verb (brivla) as a clause that uses other cmavo and syntactic glue (cmavo).

The goal is the same as of physicists: there would be the Last Theory where any component can be derived from all other components by using a formula.

This might lead to the problem of sepulkas. In order to avoid it such chains shown by S. Lem have to be detected in an explanatory Lojban-Lojban dictionary and be disrupted.

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