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Robin Powell
Native name la .camgusmis.
Born Robin Lee Powell
(1975-12-08) December 8, 1975 (age 48)
Other names Robin.CA, rlpowell on the lojban IRC
Occupation Munificent provider of Lojban infrastructure at, webmaster of, Rising Star of Lojban, and all-round nice-guy. :-) (not a paid testimonial...)
  • .camgusmis.:
    • Just for the record, I didn't write the above, and I don't know who did. 8) I'd like to, though.
      • .i ma no'u na'ebo la nitcion no'u mi cu djica lenu pilno zoi gy. munificent gy. .u'i

And, by the way, the name is a lojbanization of the 'meaning' of my English name: Robin means "Bright Fame". Or so I'm told. I made it up because I don't like any of the sounds of the lojbanizations of Robin. rabn. is bothering me less lately, though.


Robin Lee Powell was born in December, 1975, and has been involved with Lojban since the late nineties. He moved quickly from being an enthusiastic 'newbie' to mastering the language, and finally to doing much of the the hard work of keeping the organization going - such as rewriting the website three times in his own time and with his own funds.

His willingness to labor for the organization, as well as his knowledge of the language, led to him becoming Secretary/Treasurer in 2006, a post which has presented great challenges but one which he has managed with considerable success. He has been re-elected to this post every year since.

Robin acknowledges an authoritorian streak to his character, but has gained the loyalty and admiration of the whole lojban community.

On a personal level, he has a B.Math from the University of Waterloo and is a professional systems administrator.

Robin lives and works in San Francisco, USA, and has a personal website.

Robin's Projects

I have a bunch of writings at [1], including la nicte cadzu and an essay on computer terms. Here's an errata page for la junypre, which is a small writing project of mine.

I've written camxes along with xorxes; it's at .

BPFK work

This member presides over