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Notes Towards a Lojban Dictionary in Lojban

Whether Lojban Has A hadow, And What It Might Be

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Notes Towards a Lojban Literary Criticism

Issues of Lojbanic Scansion

  • In ziryroi i rigorously followed the penult-stress rule, even for trisyllables like lobykai & a'onai, but later i decided that these words sound better stressed on the antepenult, as dactyls; & this is my practice today. lobykai is LOBykai becaus y is not accented unless captialized, a'onai is really two words so it is A'onai.
    • The Book sez, in section 3.9, "Lojban structural words (called 'cmavo') may be stressed on any syllable or none at all. However, primary stress may not be used in a syllable just preceding a brivla, unless a pause divides them; otherwise, the two words may run together." I also happen to think that A'onai sounds better than a'Onai.
  • Another question is whether normally unstressed monosyllables can be "promoted" if they occur between two otherwise unstressed syllables, e.g. TAVlykai JE pevZIRpu. For purposes of versifying in iambic or trochaic meter this is convenient, but not perhaps very lobykai. Now i am thinking that poems in Lojban might best be versified by counting only stresses, as in the Old English accentual meter.
    • Technically allowed if there's a pause (TAVlykai JE. pevZIRpu) or if the stress is secondary (light). Compare Russian versification: In Russian, the contrast between stressed and unstressed syllables is stronger than in English or in Lojban, and you're not allowed to pronounce stress upon an innocent unstressed vowel. But it is still popular to write in meters with regular feet, by in essence pretending that certain unstressed syllables have stress.
      • There's a whole world of possibilities. Let's try them all!
    • Here's a line from Job which can be scanned either way:.i ga'ORgau le re VORme fo le XAMsi noi pojLI'a le xy GUtra.I ga'ORgau LE re VORme FO le XAMsi NOI pojLI'a LE xy GUtraAs neither {'} nor {jl} can begin a word, the second one is unambiguous without adding pauses.


  • "The ultimate authority is the BNF grammar + the gismu list + the cmavo list. The CLL simply exists to make this understandable to carbon-based life-forms." --Robin Turner

Thinking about Thinking in Lojban

Levels of Politeness in Lojban