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Not to sound like The Man coming down on the little guy, but why on earth is this in the Wiki? I mean, as the title indicates, its naljbo. It would be significantly more appropriate to make your own personal web page somewhere else and provide a link to it. If nothing else, it would be to your benefit to do so to prevent any silly people from coming along and inserting a link to something that isn't associated with Michael Helsem ou.(And also to prevent someone else from taking away from the significant amount of effort you've put into it.) --Jay

(I didn't create a section just for myself but once it existed i thought i would share these things. But if there are others who object to using space in this way, i will remove them. --m.)


It's not my server space, but I was interested rather than miffed by le mi naljbo. Adds to the communityhood of the wiki. --And Rosta

It should at least be le naljbo pe la maiky'elsem - mine would be le mi naljbo from my point of view, but I would call it something that is not ambiguous. - mi'e. .kreig.daniyl. (ba'o zukte mi'e maikl)

mi tugni la'e di'u mi'e and