la bertcad.

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What first strikes the eye of the visitor to the City (and most tourists to Lojbanistan do arrive via the starport here) is the prevalence of geometric forms, and especially, of fivefold symmetry. Who can forget their first glimpse of the Lojbanic Opera House gleaming in the pink-and-gold dawn through early morning mists, its involuted pentagonal buttresses surrounded by colorful flocks of ti'ocpi and vitno toldi?

Note that the name bertcad refers to it being the northernmost major city, not a city in the north. It is in western lojbanistan, but is north of la xagvar, the other city large enough to make the map. Further north, lojbanistan tends to be rural. As the person who made the map, I admit that the main reason for that is that a black dot doesn't show up well on the green. -- la .kreig.daniyl.

The air of the City is famously clean because its citizens, enabled to spot every fallacy in the arguments of jelnenseljda, banned all such powerplants in their City from the very beginning.

In Bertcad, y is left out of lujvo when it is not needed to stop tosmabru failure; the resulting clusters assimilate to yield terms like mibre (from mibypre). This is thought to have influenced the speech of la Xagvar, where the clusters also de-crunch, but many linguists think this is from the tendency of people in both cities to talk so fast that such a change happens even in the speech of those who are normally quite careful about their 'standard' pronunciations.This is also the farthest south you can go in lojbangug and still hear a /T/ for the apostrophe, a common thing to hear in the northwest.