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ki'ai [COI] particle: ejaculative ("damn! shit! bah! yowie!"): (cf. krixa, ki'a-). Proposed by And Rosta.
ki'ai cit = ki'ai kalci = ki'ai xaxaxaxaxax = ki'ai m,.
  • This idea was discussed at Logfest 2001, and the feeling was that doi was the appropriate cmavo: that these "foreign attitudinals" can be treated as invocations of a nonphysical entity by that name.
    • But then do doesn't refer to who you want it to anymore.
  • As a historical note, see also The god R.
  • When you don't have time to decide on .ue, .oi, or .o'onai.
  • do'a pe'i li du'e cu ni ce'u citno cmavo