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jai'i [SE] particle: Move old x1 to fai'i-tagged place. New x1 is sumti raised out of fai'i-tagged old x1. Works like jai broda, except that it allows jai BAI jai'i broda ... fai ko'a ... fai'i ko'e. -- And Rosta
fai'i [FA] particle:
  • xorxes:
    • jai BAI jai broda is already allowed. I suppose you can use jai, jaixipa, fai, faixipa if you need to.
  • .djorden.:
    • Shouldn't jai'i be in selma'o JAI? (Not to mention that it isn't neccesary, but I wondered why you had chosen SE)
      • And Rosta:
        • I can't remember now, & it doesn't seem worthwhile reconstructing my reasoning, given that jai'i isn't needed.