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.fancylojban. (also spelled as Fancylojban and as Fancy Lojban; a jvocmevla from fancu (function) and .lojban.) is a set of small additions made to Lojban to facilitate equational reasoning and the expression of complex functions. It sprang into being during the shift to functional ka, in which ka-abstractions are taken to create lambda functions, as a way to explain the workings of this new kind of abstraction and its applications to the formal interpretation of tanru the thus definition of lujvo, via the flipping principle, and more generally to the axiomatic definition of Lojban.

There certain essential precepts of Fancylojban, which themselves form an interpretation for the term lojbanic.

  • Compositionality: more complex structures should be built up from the composition of smaller ones,
  • Transparency: expressions that have the same referent are interchangeable,
  • Consistency: Lojban is a logical language; Fancylojban aims to make this obvious,
  • Precision: the principle that the more you say, the more you mean, i.e. that verbosity should be proportional to semantic content to the fullest extent possible and that the degree of precision of statement is left up to the speaker to choose.