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Comment on usage instead of letting usage decide

I thought I'd put here my complaint about everybody arguing about all the different possible interpretations of Lojban along with letting usage decide (and how their usage would never use such and such anyhow). Since mid September (2001), nothing that I have posted in lojban has been commented on. As nitcion said : nobody's Lojban is perfect ; it's time for everyone who's1 Lojban is good enough to make few grammar mistakes to comment mercilessly on any issue of style, syntax, semantics (li'o) they do not agree with in everybody else's Lojban. -- mi'e greg.

  • Oh, and make sure to do it either in english or in lojban with bad someone always has something to flame you back with. tinkit
    • There is no reason to ever flame a post for being in English if it is about lojban. When you went to join the jboste, it's2 description even said, posts may be in any language about lojban. I fully intend to ignore any future complaints about the language something is in if it is about lojban - they are just a waste of time, and they have no merit to them whatsoever. - mi'e. .kreig.daniyl.
      • ganai le jei le glico cu jai bau darlu kei cu pabdu'i le jei le nundarlu bi'unai cu zasti gi li'a le bangu cu vajni .i la'e di'u su'oroipu fasnu ki'u le du'u so'o ralju darlu nu'o casnu bau L .i mi'e xod
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  • 1 "whose"