Vocab Lessons/4- Materials 1a

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(This is in alpha.)

(This isn't a very good picture, you can propose replacements on the talk page) lo fagri cu xunre i lo grusi cu rokci

Read the statements. What colors are the various substances in the picture? Answer in lojban.

New Words:

rokci - x1 is/contains rock/stone of type/composition x2 from location x3.

bisli - x1 is/contains ice [frozen crystal] of composition/material x2.

dertu - x1 is/contains dirt/earth from source x2 of composition x3.

srasu - x1 is a blade/expanse of grass of species x2

vacri - x1 is a quantity of air/atmosphere of planet x2, of composition including x3.

fagri - x1 is a fire in fuel x2 burning-in/reacting-with oxidizer x3 (default air/oxygen).

djacu - x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of water

cu - verb separator

Answer: lo rokci cu gruci i lo fagri cu xunre i lo dertu cu bunre i lo vacri cu cicna i lo djacu cu blanu i lo srasu cu crino fa'o The ice (AKA «lo bisli») is a trick question since it is transparent which we haven't gone through.

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