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About me

Hi, I am Wuzzy and this page is my user page. My lojbanized name is “uuZIT”.

I speak German, English and I hope to speak Lojban soon :-). I learn Lojban for the lulz. :-)

My current stage of learning is: I finished reading “Beginner Course”, “The Lojban Reference Grammar” and “Lojban Wave Lessons Continued”. I know the grammar but I need practice to fully master it. I am improving on the basic words and learn them on a daily basis. I have mastered over 80% of the gismu and most of the cmavo. I have learned more than the half of the rafsi at least once.

Besides that, I primarily want to use Lojban to use it, not to experiment with the grammar. Because I am still learning, I would be very thankful if you pointed out errors if I made some.

My lojbanic output