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Giuliano Lancioni
Personal information
Real name

Giuliano Lancioni




Rome, Italy


November 10th


Full professor of Arabic languages and literature, Roma Tre University


Places I have lived

Rome, Geneva, Lyon, Damascus


PhD in linguistics, Roma Tre University

About me

I have a lifelong interest in invented languages.

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posted 1994 days ago

Lojbab says e.g ka is fine for zukte2 even though zukte2 is action, not a property. The crash course dictionary needs revision.

posted 2095 days ago

You need to study the documentation on MediaWiki. Just enter any address you like like and you must see "Create" button in the top menu. If not pls inform me.

posted 2096 days ago

it is possible

posted 2335 days ago

Indeed, kukte2 must be entity

posted 2337 days ago

> think the template is different there (dsp).

What do you mean?

> Are all examples drawn from chapters?

Again don't understand. ELG is a copy of CLL. Examples are identical between CLL and ELG.

> I mean, all cross-references to examples outside the document?

Which document? Links to examples work mostly when you open page When opening individual chapters they might break since autonumbering happens when all the chapters are merged together into one document.

posted 2337 days ago

oops, as {{dsp|123456}}

posted 2337 days ago

So it appears that examples are not marked for autonumbering in every chapter.

One needs to take from the value of xml:id in <example xml:id="123456" tghat prefix each example and add this "123456" value to ELG sections in this wiki as

Example .1:
posted 2338 days ago

looks like autonumbering of examples is still working at I'll investigate further what can be done.

posted 2338 days ago

Cyrrently, there are no differences from CLL except in formatting and a few additional to-be-chapters.

I tried to autonumber examples by using the original hash. However, some plugins in this wiki got broken.

I can see you are manually adding numbers to examples, which might pose problems incase of deleting/adding new examples (we'll have to renumber everything). But due to above mentioned bugs there seems to be no other option now.