Tansky-LeChevalier wedding ceremony

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Bob LeChevalier and Nora Tansky were married October 23, 1987. Their ceremony made use of vows written in a language Bob later described as a "30%/70% Lojban/Loglan hybrid". The vows were published in issue #4 of "ju'i lobypli" in February, 1988, alongside translations of the vows into the contemporary form of Lojban/Loglan-88 as well as English.


le speni krasi pe la bab lecevalier ze la noras tanskis
le toteri djedi ji'u la nenismis ji'u la nevevosen
mi prami tu
.i mi djica lepo mi kansa tu
.i mi cuxna lepo mi speni tu
.ice mu simxu zukte pu'i lepo mu jundi e kurji gu lemu simxu ce lanzu nitcu
.i to'i e to'a nacefi'a jetnu ai


le speni krasi po la bab lycevalier joi la noras tanskis
le recimoi djedi ne'o la panosmis ne'o la pasobizen
mi prami do
.i mi djica le nuke mi kansa do
.i mi cuxna le nuke mi speni do
.ije mi'o simxu zukte fi le nuke mi'o jundi e kurji ku lemi'o simxu je lanzu nitcu
.i ro di'u cajebe'a jetnu ai


Wedding of Bob LeChevalier and Nora Tansky
23 October 1987
I love you.
I desire the state of being with you.
I choose the state of being married to you.
We mutually act towards the goal of attending to and taking care of our mutual and family's needs.
These statements are now, and continuously in the future, true, by my will.