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The Lojban Logo (which appears at the top left of Wiki pages.) Available also from la tsali's webpage:


  • I suspect the logo has not been so used; does anyone know?
  • Let me get this straight: both the symbols being spatially-perceptual ambiguities, they are appropriate for a logically-unambiguous language how?
    • It's not. It's an appropriate symbol for the Anti-Lojban.
    • nitcion:
      They are intended to illustrate how mind-blowing the Sapir-Whorf effects are, I think. At least, the Necker Cube is. But Paul Dounda expressed the same criticism in JL13.
  • I agree about the Necker cube, but I always thought of this one as being just weird. I don't understand it at all. How is it ambiguous? What does it mean, besides just 'lojban'?
  • The intersecting circles can be seen as ends of a cylinder two ways.
  • .mark.:
    On a lighter note, I suppose you folks should see the Animated Lojban Logos I made a while ago, for fun (on another page because animated GIFs are Evil and should be placed someplace special.)
  • Borromean Rings Illusion.png
    Borromean rings were also proposed as Lojban logo.