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I ((Matt Arnold) gave a popular presentation about Lojban at Penguicon 2005, where I met Shaun Klein. Shortly afterward I also met Bruce Webber who had just barely missed Penguicon, and the three of us started meeting in my home to discuss Lojban every few months.

At the repeat of the presentation at Penguicon 2006, we were joined by several curious onlookers with many questions. Among them were Thomas Idzikowski (who is interested in teaching Lojban to little Ivy), and TheRomp.

Wednesday May 3, 2006, the five of us followed up at my house in Redford, just west of Detroit and half an hour away from the University of Michigan. I bought a large whiteboard and we wrote example bridi such as {.i .u'u doi .can. mi pu pinxe lo do ckafi} and {.i doi .epkat. pe'u e'o ga'inai ko dunda lo ckafi mi} and explained them to the newcomers. I provided pizza. We also talked about Java, Lisp, and Python, and played some games.

These meetings have become a regular occurence, sometimes involving Voice Over IP chat with remote Lojbanists. In later meetings we were joined by Neil Eppstein and Alex Martini. Meetings happen about every two weeks (less often when college is in session, because so many of us are undergrads, grad students, or teachers).