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Some conventions used when talking about Lojban in English, for instance on IRC or in mailing lists. <tab class="wikitable"> {…} used to quote Lojban text. Alternatively Lojban text is written in bold. </tab>

la xalbo:

  • These are the ones that I usually use.
*{…} used for incorrect Lojban text.
?{…} used for questionable text (either a subject of debate, or to quote without asserting correctness, for instance, asking a student what, if anything, the text would mean).
!{…} used for text that parses, but has a surprising or wrong meaning (one not intended).
[…] used to indicate words (usually terminators or cu) that can be included or omitted without changing the parse.
-…- used for quoting rafsi, like -mib-, the rafsi for mi
"…" used for quoting English. The ",", "?", and "!" modifiers can be applied if needed.
⟨…⟩ used for quoting sequences of characters.
No, you couldn't use ⟨la⟩ in a cmevla pre-Dot Side.
used to qualify a statement, to mean This isn't actually true, but it's close enough for the current purposes.
cmevla can only† be used as names, but not all names are cmevla.
used for I don't know whether this is actually precisely true or not, but it's close enough for now.
You use ZOI, then any‡ Lojban word as a delimiter… (Really? What about bu? What about si? What about fa'o?)

"All‡" is su'oso'a.

"All†" is so'a.

For other loglangs:

<…> used to quote Loglan text.
~…~ used to quote gua\spi text.
\…\ used to quote toki pona text.