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Ithkuil is a well-known constructed language created by John Quijada, which combines features from many natural languages.

E.g., it has a large set of event contour markers, a large set of words for emotions. Thus, it can be an inspiration for coining new words for emotions in Lojban:



“Well, no language, as far as I know, has a single word for that chin-stroking moment you get, often accompanied by a frown on your face, when someone expresses an idea that you’ve never thought of and you have a moment of suddenly seeing possibilities you never saw before.” He paused, as if leafing through a mental dictionary. “In Ithkuil, it’s ašţal.”

John Quijada, according to a popular paper in New Yorker magazine.

And here is a comic where three people speak Klingon, Lojban and Ithkuil:

lo nu penmi fi la ialta.png