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  • Lojban words derived from foreign words or external sources are known as fu'ivla. The proposal is a solution to a problem that all constructed languages share. How do you go about efficiently translating tens of thousands of words that have evolved in natural languages over thousands of years within the constraints imposed by your own language rule?'.

Theses sets are based on an algorithm that xorxes suggested, from the idea suggested here, I created a python script that, given a list of ISO codes, and their meanings, can generate not only the new fu'ivla, but also a jbovlaste-ready definition.

For example:

gugde'alu = $x_1$ is the country with the code ISO-3166 AL (Albania) for people $x_2$; gugde; Albania; the country with ISO-3166 code AL

Leo Molas has done tables for:

  • ISO generated fu'ivla for countries
  • ISO generated fu'ivla for currencies
  • ISO generated fu'ivla for languages

The current storage is here.

.i casnu .i datnyvei

  • There are some additional proposals under this general model. For example, see: the one(s) for scripts. Krtisfranks (talk) 20:37, 3 March 2018 (UTC)