another approach to cultural fu'ivla

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It's been said before.

more than once.

These cultures gotta get out of our gismu.

Instead of bothering with poorly defined cultural identities, ku'ufu'ivla should first focus on 'standard' domains. That is, select candidates according to internationally defined and regulated entities. Suggestions below:

following the precedent of approximating the native pronunciation (a conventional cmene) and then converting it into a suitable CCVVCV fi'uvla.

  • 2) Political Territories, according to something like his list, or ISO 3166 country codes;

using the pronunciation of the country's name in the most populous official language.

  • 3) any other useful standards?

The lists linked above do all the preparations, formatted with the native name and pronunciation. Let's transfer them into tikitables and then get this over with!