Have to invent lo lujvo

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  • Not very relevant to BPFK (the committe for the development of Lojban) work.
  • But very relevant to how Lojbanists begin to act due to jbovlaste's (JVS) purely technical limitations:
  1. lo ve'i cmana = hill
  2. lo ve'u xamsi = ocean
  3. lo ba'o presidente = ex-president. Or lo ba'o jatna if you prefer only core wordlist.

Got that? Every English translation is one word!

la jbovlaste doesn't allow adding TAG BRIVLA to the dictionary which partially explains why lujvo became so popular (of course enforced by the initial noralujv list and notes in gimste).

Clearly, this second non-lujvo way exists but it can't compete with lujvo way since one cannot add ve'u xamsi to the dictionary but one can and already did add braxamsi to it. Not adding words to jbovlaste dooms them to oblivion in IRC or mailing list logs.

Tatoeba.org is free from these limitations. More usable tools like La Muplis are able to search in its up-to-date dumps (again a purely technical issue).

However, technical issues can potentially change human behavior even if the product (=Lojban here) is much more powerful than what its auxiliary tools (=la jbovlaste) think.