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lu mi mo li'u xu 1

Seems I still have the ability to say something that shares a small resemblence to what I mean and offend a lot of people.

I started but feal free to take over Magic The Gathering Cheat Sheet

mi po le lujvo .i ko fraxu lo nu mi finti le kulnu


pukctesanmi | Said after a dinner, this need some sort of cmavo as many languages have similar elements. (More general though.)

cfacitka | Said before eating, this need some sort of cmavo as many languages have similar elements. (More general though.)


I am attempting a seldom updated lojban blog on my website, too.

Lojban history book

Fictional lojban products



"qehwe" or "hehwo" | x1 is a complex of being unable to choose the color of cotton candy before it rains of the girl x2"

gugle | x1 is a service provided by google which does x2 implementing search technology in x3 way, it has been in beta for x4, you have x5 invites avaliable


How did you discover lojban

Lojban alphabetical order

mi fanva



.e'u ma'a ba kelci gau la homeos. go'i ko'a .i la relpag

.e'u ma'o ba jifti'i le fetytcica ko'a

.u'e.ue je'u lo cabydo'i ca glare doi homeos.

.ue .a'i mi ba cpacu do loi lekytcati be la barleis. be'o

.iocai ko'a malvirnu fa la'o gy. bastard. gy.

.io mi cirko loi ka seflacri be mi be'o

doi homeos ji'a ko cpacu ba mi

to ti dasni la'o gy. nubra .gy. mu'i la'o py. cosplay .py. toi

.i.y. .ie ku'i .u'e do ba tollunbe

.ua ko'a pu selslabu ta bogi'anai ...



.e'u ma'o kelci gau la homeos.

.i .e'u ma'o kelci gau la homeos go'i ko'a.

ko'a tamne .i ji'a mi nelci ko'a

.i mi na curmi lonu lo mensi be ko'a be'o jinga go'u


Mysteries to arran:

Good equivalents to the Japanese douzo and doumo. (Offer something and accept something, douzo can often be used meaning "yeah sure take it" in response to "can I have this?")

A way of dismissing a question using cmavo without implying anything about the question or the answer, or you knowledge.


KVIRC lookup scripts