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The place structure of skucripu given at [1] is:

skucripu hyperlink ("content-bridge")
x1 = cusku2 (content) = cripu1 (bridge), x2 = cripu3 (link start), x3 = cripu4 (link end), x4 = cusku1 (content author), x5 = cusku3 (content audience), x6 = cusku4 (content medium)

First of all, that looks more like selskucripu. Second of all, where's the cripu2 place? From [

It] is a rule that dependent places are not eliminated from a lujvo when they are derived from the tertau of its veljvo. This rule is imposed to keep the place structures of lujvo from drifting too far from the tertau place structure; if a place is necessary in the tertau, it's treated as necessary in the lujvo as well.
In general, the desire to remove places coming from the tertau is a sign that the veljvo selected is simply wrong. Different place structures imply different concepts, and the lujvo maker may be trying to shoehorn the wrong concept into the place structure of his or her choosing. This is obvious when someone tries to shoe-horn a klama tertau into a litru or cliva concept, for example
these gismu differ in their number of arguments, and suppressing places of klama in a lujvo doesn't make any sense if the resulting modified place structure is that of litru or cliva.

Third, it has a bunch of irrelevant places. The cusku, te cusku, and ve cusku aren't really relevant to the idea of a hyperlink. If we're doing something like this, we might as well just use cripu by itself, though it still has the irrelevant second place.

To use the above places in a sentence, it would have to be something like:

i skucripu dei le ralju ke lojbo samrxuebe bo stuzi

mi'e xod. noi finti zo skucripu

.i so'e sidbo pe do drani .iseki'ubo zo skucripu na ralju fi le ka melbi mi .i ku'i zo judrysni na melbi mi ki'u le du'u na srana le ka selsku .iseki'ubo mi zmanei lu selsku cripu li'u pu'o le mu'e finti le zmanei lujvo

i ie mi na birti le du'u zo judrysni mulno le ka mapti i ku'i le du'u xukau se steci le nu cusku na vajni pe'i i so'e lojbo valsi cu sucmau le glico panra iki'ubo piro loi lojbo ke jicmu valsi cu mleca piro loi glico -- mi'e adam