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tcatipax ".i do ka'e jmina fi .ubu" = you have innate ability to add something to/with u? What am I getting wrong?
selpa`i Is it wrong?
vensa tcati: who said anything is wrong?
selpa`i It parses
tcatipax So, my interpretation is correct?
I don't know how that makes sense. It's on the front page of wikipedia.
The lojban version.
selpa`i Could ubu be an abbreviation`?
Twey Yes
It has to be
Otherwise it would be me'o .ubu, or something.
selpa`i So maybe the section's name starts with u
vensa its short for .uikipedias
selpa`i There you go.
vensa the sentence before says .uikipedias
selpa`i Context.
vensa hehe
tcatipax Ah.
vensa je'e
tcatipax I mean, ki'e .ui
vensa Twey: wouldn lu ubu li'u cut it too?
Twey vensa: Not quite the same
vensa li ubu seems to cut it
Twey: whats the diff?
Twey li .ubu is, I think, interpreting it as a mathematical variable with a number value
vensa I read me'o is the wuote-equivalent for lerfu strings
ok. but y not lu ubu li'u?
Twey lu ubu li'u would be quoting it as a whole utterance
vensa what does it mean "as a whole utterance"?
if it were by instead and I used zo by?
Twey No, not lu ubu li'u, indeed
vensa If the whole contents of your quote ends up to be one letter ubu), how is that different from zo?
Twey lu/li'u is for grammatical utterances
Whole grammatical utterances
So it's taking that as a whole phrase that someone said, or something like that
vensa so,would lo'u le'u be ok with you?
Twey No, because that doesn't take grammar into account
Twey So ubu would be the two words .u and bu
vensa it wont parse the bu?
so you're saying zo by is not equivalent to lu ubu li'u? so basically theres no way to quote a U?
Twey Not the single character U
Sure there is — me'o
vensa (except me'o)
but by can be quoted in two ways
that doesnt seem fair
Twey You can also quote with lu/li'u, but that means that it's dereferenced too (although possibly in a different context)
vensa another reason to prefer my term for U: u'y
Twey Twey doesn't see what's wrong with me'o.
vensa nothings *wrong* with it
I just dont like the injustice that befalls vowels in lojban