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i la'e di'e pagbu le mergu'e

  • jecrxa,uai,i (Hawaii)
    • Actually pronounced (In hawai'ian) such that jecry'avai,i would be better - Hawaiian w ranges from a voiced bilabial fricative (after rounded vowels) to a bilabial approximant (after unrounded vowels), but A is sometimes rounded (basically arbitrary) so the pronunciation of aw is by tradition - and the name Hawai'i comes from a long polynesian tradition that the most recently discovered island was always called Havaiki.
    • w following an a is often pronounced as /w/, and this is probably more recognizable.
      • To a native hawai'ian speaker (Though there are precious few nowadays) jecrxavai.i or jecry'avai.i would be the most understandable.
    • Non-intervocalic h maps to x in Lojban, and there is no /x/ in Hawai`ian, so there is no confusion.
      • Hawai'an phonology is such that there are no non-intervocalic consonants.
        • Initial consonants are non-intervocalic in Lojban, and Hawai`ian allows those.
    • Having checked my Hawai'ian language literature, jecrfavai,i also works.

The fact that these all start with {jecr} makes them practically unusable. Keep them as names and work off them with {me} tanru -- which puts the name near the front. pc>|8} Could you provide an example?